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  1. Wayne Leon

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    Sep 13, 2001
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    I started buying stereo equipment several years ago, but after getting married back in '96 I have been away from it. I am looking to upgrade a few things and need help with my speaker situation.
    First, I must state that I am not up-to-date on much and that I don't have a desire to have a top of the line system, just a nice, small home theater.
    Before getting married I lived in a small apartment and aquired the following equipment: Denon AVR 900 receiver, an Onkyo CD player, Polk CS100 center channel, Polk Monitor Series 2 bookshelf speakers, and I had previously owned Boston A40 bookshelf speakers. I am going to buy a DVD player, which has gotten me moving.
    My question is...are any of my speakers really worth keeping? I have been thinking of purchasing a Polk satellite system and selling the speakers above. However, I was wandering if my current speakers (all are in excellent shape) would work better, after the purchase of a subwoofer, than a satellite system? I was thinking that I could use the Polks on stands for the front and the Bostons in the rear. I would appreciate any advice that can be given.
    Thank you for your time and looking forward to any advice.
  2. Ted Lee

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    May 8, 2001
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    i feel that both polk and boston are good brands and if they sound good to you, then you should keep them. especially since it sounds like you're just looking for a decent-sounding ht...
    the only thing that comes to mind is timbre-matching. if the speakers sound radically "different" then you may notice the sound change in an unnatural way when the sound pans from the front to the rear.
    getting a satellite system would definitely be an upgrade though...
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  3. Marty M

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    Dec 6, 1998
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    Upgrading speakers will definitely be where you would hear the most difference. If your receiver is not Dolby Digital 5.1, I would suggest this be the best place to start upgrading.

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