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Discussion in 'Displays' started by JohnKE, Mar 5, 2005.

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    Looking at the following:

    RCA Scenium 44" DLP...I always considered RCA to be the bottom of the barrel, but the new Scenium DLP's have been getting some great press.

    Toshiba 44NMH84 44" DLP...I have always been happy with Toshiba product and I really like the design and quality of their televisions. I have a 34" Widescreen direct view and it is unreal.

    Panasonic PT-43LC14 43" LCD...I don't have any experience with Panasonic televisions, but I have heard good things from friends...

    Room: Television will be in a well lit living room with a southern exposure. I don't watch TV during the day, but brightness might be a factor in my decision.

    Usage: No high def feed at this point, so I need something that will look good displaying SD television. Will be getting a high def sat box this summer. Current feed is digital cable box from local cable provider. DVD player is a Toshiba SD4800 progressive scan, without DVI or HDMI connections. I would consider a new DVD player with a DVI or HDMI out if the picture qualuty justifies the price.....

    Looking forward to your informed opinions.


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    My parents recently purchased the Mitsubishi 52725 DLP HDTV and it is an amazing TV.

    It has some kind of newer technology that cleans up SD channel on for instance cable TV and I must say it works! The SD channels look great...they are using the cable card since the TV has a cablecard slot and it's really handy to have...keeps from having to mess with another digital box AND the remote etc.

    The TV has the stepped up version of screen guard and the reflections are minimal, and they use every lamp in the room!

    Overall the TV is very flexible...includes HDMI and DVI and a TON of other connections.

    For under $3000, it's a great TV..highly recommended.

    Note: If you get this particular set, make sure you check what firmware it has (via set-up menu)...the newest one is version 4.05. If you call Mitsu..they will mail you a CF card that has the firmware on it and you can download it yourself to the TV..arrives 2 days after you order charge.

    Good luck!
  3. Keith I

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    I was also looking at the Panasonic. With DLP and LCD, you have to replace the lamp after ~8-10K hours, right? Panasonic has replacement lamps, but I read somewhere that it costs about $400. If anyone knows what the approximate prices are for lamps, please post them. Some people have complained (while other have not) that when there are quiet scenes, the fan makes lots of noise. I was reading customer reviews but many of them don't seem to be knowledgeable either.

    My biggest concern is how is it calibrated out of the box? There aren't many professional calibrators here and the retail people don't have technicians who are really knowledgeable. I have an old 47" RPTV Panasonic and it was known for its misaligned picture out of the box. The black bars on a 2.35:1 movie were not parallel!!! I had to return the first set and the replacement (while a whole lot better) is still off a bit. The overscan is all over the place on all four sides. E.g., right=8%, left=3%.

    I have no direct experience with DLP or LCD so I'm also wondering if calibration is an issue with these kinds of sets? With the RPTV, you have the RGB lights that can get out of alignment, which is what happened to my set. It's actually still under extended warranty but the retailer technicians really aren't that good but the picture is still very good so I'm not complaining.

    Sorry if this doesn't help, John. I have questions of my own re: this Panasonic LCD TV as well! And I don't know about lots of the technology regarding these things since I wasn't really looking for a new set but it's amazing what's come out in the last five years!
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    Jun 9, 2003
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    If you run your TV for 4 hours a day, every day, for 6 years, you'd need to replace your bulb after 6 years...I too have heard about the bulb issue and was wondering what other people thought on this subject. Do they really run 8-10k hours? Are they really $400 or are they cheaper in the aftermarket? I'm thinking that if they did last the expected lifecycle of 5-6 years, I'd just buy a new TV...

  5. Evan M.

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    Feb 26, 2002
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    Yep.....all bulbs will die sooner or later.....hopefully the one in your RPTV lasts a long time. It is completely possible that a bulb die after just a few hours...they really can go at any time although it is rare for a bulb to just die like that. Usually something else can be attributed to it. Make sure where you buy the TV from covers the bulb for the first few months of the purchase. If bulbs go suddenly usually it happens in the first month or so. If it lasts past 2-3 months you should get years of enjoyment if everything else is running smoothly (fans and whatnot). It of course varies on how long a bulb will last but 6-8000 years is certainky within the realm of possibility.
    Yes they are very expensive to replace but keep in mind, when it is replaced your t.v. will look like it did the day you is almost like getting a new t.v. for $400. Also, in case you are wondering, bulbs in these t.v.'s dim over time. when they "die" they are so dim you can hardly see an image. You really will not notice the degradation over time but when yu pop a new bulb in you will think "holy cow...THIS THING IS BRIGHT!!"
    The bulbs will pretty much be expensive all the time. Sure yu may be able to find one for a little cheeper but I have never heard of anything related to aftermarket bulbs.
    I would NEVER hesitate to buy a DLP or LCD t.v. because of "bulb issues". As you figured out 8,000 hours is A LOT of t.v. viewing.
  6. Jeff Gatie

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    Aug 19, 2002
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    Wow, that's one heck of a bulb.[​IMG]
  7. Shane Martin

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    Some folks are seeing their bulbs blow out after a year or so. I'd make sure the extended warranty you get covers that and I'd get one for sure.
    Last I looked, Mits is not in Canada. Too bad really [​IMG]

    I'd strongly look at one of the JVC DILA sets if you can. To me its the best of the bunch.

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