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    My question is this: My parents have a Dish 500 and already have 2 lines for their 2 receivers soming into the house. Now they want to add a third receiver (which they have already acquired). Can they just use a Y splitter off one of the cables running into the house or will they need a speacial type of splitter? I know they will need to call Dish to report the receiver # and the new card number. Will they need to add a 3rd dish to the top of the house? Thanks
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    If they have a Dish500 with a Twin LNB, it will be more difficult. Twin LNB's are designed for two receivers only. If they have a Dish500 with two dual LNBs, then you only need an SW44 switch. It is capable of sending signals to four receivers.
    You can't use a standard splitter to split the incoming signal. One receiver would get odd channels and the other even and sometimes, none at all. For the exact reasons why, search this section using the keyword "polarity". There was a very good thread in the last few months that had the reason.

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