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please help with extra receiver

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by lissie, Nov 9, 2001.

  1. lissie

    lissie Agent

    Jul 1, 1999
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    I've read some of the Posts on people using 2 receivers , One as an amp , I have an old Pro Logic receiver what can I do with it to increase the power of my system?? ( have a Technics SA-DX 1050)Mainly how do I set it up. Please be very specific remember, I'm a girl.. it takes me a little longer to understand very technical set-ups. Your hook-up instructions can't be too simple or detailed. Also could someone include how to set up 2 subs??? Thanks for everyones help!
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  2. Tina_H_V

    Tina_H_V Supporting Actor

    Mar 25, 2000
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    Hello Lissie
    First off, let me please welcome you to the HTF!!!! Glad to have ya, girl!!! [​IMG]
    Now, as for the two receiver issue, how were you planning on using your old Pro-Logic receiver? Were you looking to use it as a rear-surround channel amplifier (as I shall my old Sony Pro-Logic A/V receiver for my back surround channels when I go to 7.1 in the month to come) or did you just want it to power for second subwoofer?
    There are some ways one can go on this. Me, I used my second A/V receiver to power my center channel speaker for Dolby Digital DVD's and LD's (because my old Poineer 606 DD receiver had poor center channel playback) from the receiver's center channel pre-amp output to the Millennim 2.4.6's DTS decoder's center channel input (routed through into my Poineer 507's 5.1 inputs) to get sound that way. Then, I picked up a Yamaha DDP-1 DD Processor which has everything on one accord and that setup is no longer employed by moi. But I give that, however, as an example.
    As for setting up two subs, there are ways to go about this. One way would be, if you have at least one powered sub, to go from your receiver's sub output into the sub's line-level input, setting your receiver accordingly to accept the sub signal from your software--whatever it may be. If you have another powered sub, then you cold possibly try a y-connector, going from your receiver's sub output into the y-coonector's going two directions into each sub--provided each are receiving powered amplification.
    However, if they are each--or at least one--is passive, then what you would want to do is connect your recceiver's sub output to an audio input on your old DPL receiver (except phono, of course), then running some quality speaker wires from your old receiver's speaker output terminals to the sub itself. Making sure the sub in your main receiver's set to on and set accordingly, that should bring you some sound as well.
    Another way you could go for a second one would be to use the speaker-level outputs from your receiver to go into the speaker level inputs of your sub--be it passive or powered, latter preferred--with the loopthrough going from the sub's speaker-level outputs on to the speaker's inputs themselves. Though usually used on the main stereo front-end speakers, this configuration could also go on the center or surround channels if needed. (I used this configuration on my DCM center channel speaker until I got a Klipsch center channel speaker strong enough to produce--and handle--its own bass). Now, I shall try it out on my side surround channels for deep, powerful rear-surround soundtracks and see what happens.
    Well, those are some ideas Lissie, as well as some suggestions to make. May they workd well for what it is you are trying to do. And welcome again, girl!!! [​IMG]
    The Acid Queen Still Rocks and Souls!!!! ;D
  3. Dan Hitchman

    Dan Hitchman Cinematographer

    Jun 11, 1999
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    Another woman joins the ranks at the Home Theater Forum. Whoo-hoo! [​IMG] I salute you. You are among friends here, even though it seems like such a male dominated hobby. Welcome aboard!
    I'll reiterate what Tina eloquently stated above:
    Is this to add a pseudo 6.1 surround set-up with added center back speaker, or just to increase amplifier power?
    If it's the latter we'll need the amplifier power output specs. for both of your receivers (what make and model do you have for your older ProLogic receiver?). It may or many not be beneficial depending on the quality of sound and wattage the older pro-logic receiver puts out.
    The best way to go about having two subwoofers would be to run them in stereo, not dual mono for more even bass response (and the fact that some low bass frequencies are still directional). That would take a bit more detail, some fancy wiring, and an outboard stereo subwoofer cross-over box.
    In fact, the Outlaw Audio ICBM may be a good item to start looking at since it has flexible bass cross over points (40, 60, 80, and 120 Hz I believe) and the ability to use full stereo subs with a 6.1 speaker configuration (just not the full 7.1 surround with split stereo back channels). If you can't afford that piece then there are cheaper alternatives by Mirage and Paradigm for just the front left and right speakers.
    If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me privately too.
    Stop HDCP and 5C-- Your rights are at risk!
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