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    I have some Toshiba/TV store guys coming out on Monday to look at my set for some problems I have. I'll describe them, what I need from someone is to tell me an easy way (technical terms) to tell the guys what's going on...
    In general I've been very happy with my purchase, however, now when I watch movies in OAR (the TN55X81 is 4:3) the letterboxing seems off. I first noticed this when I made mattes for the TV, I didn't think much of it then, but now it's really bothering me. Ignorance is bliss sometimes...
    When watching a movie (especially 2.35:1), two things seem to be going wrong.
    1) The bars seem to be slightly crooked. (i.e. when you measure the distance from the top of the TV, the left side of the bar is longer than the same distance on the right side of the bar.) The same thing happens with the bottom bar such that the left side of the actual picture is shorter from top to bottom than the right side is. It's not "real" noticeable, but now that I know it's there, it's bothersome.
    2) The corners of the black bars (near the actual picture) are starting to bow slightly upward revealing a red tint. Not sure exactly how to describe this, but my hope is that someone will know exactly what I'm talking about.
    Hopefully these guys will just be able to fix the issue (although part of me is secretly hoping this is an irreversable problem and I'll get a new TV out of it [​IMG] )
    What do I tell these guys is wrong (other than just showing them...) Are there any major problems with my set I should be on the lookout for as my 1 year is expiring in about 1 month...
    I look forward to your responses.
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    This sounds like a simple service mode convergence fix. Using the service convergence grid you can easily alter geometry to align and straighten everything right up. Go here- and click on the Toshiba logo for service convergence tips.
    Let me also suggest you go to your neighborhood Home Depot (or similar building supplies outlet) and have them cut you a plexiglass sheet to place over your screen when doing geometry alignment- cost me $17.00 for my 55HX70. You can measure out some straight lines on the plexiglass, draw them in with a marker, then place that over your screen. Makes getting a razor straight convergence much quicker and easier.
    Good Luck!

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