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Ralph Bru

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Apr 5, 2002
I have been reading countless posts but still I am confused a bit.

I have a Onkyo TX-DS494 Receiver and want the best setting for my setup/speakers.

Im in a 12x15 area with a large entertainment center.

I have the JBL NSP-1 speakers and a JVC 12" 120watt Sub.

after reading I have to guess the Receiver is a fixed crossover setting as I dont have a setting for the speakers to set this frquency.

I do however have db settings for all speakers and the sub. also a setting to set the speakers to small or large and after reading around here I set them to small as most everyone stated thats the correct setting.

my question is what is the correct setting for the sub and speakers db wise ?

I can go as high as + 12db and not sure what to set all the speakers and sub for this setting. im not asking for precise settings but generally as I know a spl meter is needed and I dont have one.

my sub is placed to the right of the entertainment center.



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May 7, 2001
From Lowell, huh? Thriving little metropolis unto it's own, huh? Here's a couple of links to get you up and running. I know nothing about your equipment, but I can hazzard a guess that with all speakers set to small and the sub = yes in the AVR, you'll have a fixed x-over at 80 or 100hz. Now, assuming your sub is connected via the LFE/sub-out, crank your sub's low pass filter/x-over to it's max setting. Unfortunately, really dialing in the system without an SPL meter will be almost impossible. If you can get one from Radio Shack, it'll be the best $35 you'll spend. I got mine from the RS in the plaza on the corner of Lawrence St and rt133. By the VNA, across from the parking garage. Heck, if it's a hassel or they're out, drop me an email and you can borrow mine.
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