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    i'm having some trouble with the setup of my panasonic rp-91. i've done searches and looked at the FAQ but can't quite get some things together...

    first off, i have a slight shift to the right with 4:3 material viewed in progressive mode. How can i correct this?

    also, this player supposedly saves picture settings for up to 200 discs. I have been playing around with the user settings on a lot of nonanamorphic discs that don't automatically scale....but with a lot of them i'll put them back in and they won't have the settings saved, plus a lot of the settings seem to be leaking over into my properly flagged anamorphic discs. what am i doing wrong?

    to add to the confusion, with 16:9 movies in "N" (normal) mode, sometimes the player is setting itself to +1 shifted position, sometimes it's not, and i can't change it back to "0" when it is.

    with 16:9 material that i watch in "normal" mode, is the player "saving " the preferences even though i haven't changed anything?

    i'm also curious if anyone ever uses the noise reduction on 16:9 material.

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    I am not an owner of this player but since nobody has answered you I will say this to bump it back to the top.

    I am fairly sure that your shift of the image is a known problem with a fix. It is simply a software upgrade to it. You need to find out which version of software yours came with. There is a way of doing this with your remote I think. Try a search on RP-91, I am sure something helpfull will pop up, since lots of folks seem to have this unit.

    Good Luck!

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