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  1. rajiv

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    I've sold my older Pioneer Elite PRO-100 to a friend of mine that has cable TV and she cannot get channels 31-47. This is on both antenna inputs and I've set up the set for cable TV. The symptoms are that the channels come in very weak and then go away, so the tuner is picking it up, but then the signal gets weak and the picture goes black.

    When I owned the set, I didn't have cable TV, but I picked up all the UHF channels in this range. Can someone help me out?

    Also, does anyone know of how to do the master reset on these older analog Pioneer Elite sets?

    If anyone can please help it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Allan Jayne

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    Are you running the cable feed into a splitter to feed two TV sets?
    If so it is possible that the splitter is failing to pass some of the channels. This is not unusual for cheap splitters.
    Video hints:

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