Please help me fix my RPTV.

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    Please help me fix my RPTV.
    I have a Mitsubishi 36” RPTV Model# VS-360R form the 80’s. For a while now, it’s had major problems and I’ve just been lazy to fix it but I can’t stand it anymore.
    Sorry for my lack of drawing skill.
    The top picture looks like what my Tv looks like when I watch it. The bottom is curved, the sides aren’t straight, and the convergence is all messed up.
    The bottom picture is what it looks like when I put the TV into “test mode”. It has a horizontal and vertical line that are supposed to line up with the middle markers on the screen (represented by black splotches.) It has a red, green, and blue line, and you can adjust the red and blue lines. When they all line up the line becomes white. Problem is when I adjust it so the top of good, the bottom colors are separated, and vise versa. I tried to illustrate what it looks like in the bottom picture. The colors are off balance like this on the horizontal line too, but not as bad so I didn’t illustrate it.
    And I’m not sure why the vertical line is off a good 2” to the left, or why the horizontal line is up a little bit, and why both lines are leaning to one direction.
    I opened up the back, and there are adjustment knobs, but all in Japanese [​IMG] but besides, I don’t know what to adjust, is it the mirrors, or the projector inside? And I’m nervous sticking my hand in there anyway, I have no desire to die of electrical shock anytime soon.
    I thought this was going to be an easy fix, but now I just have a big headache. Don't have any money to take it to the repair shop, so it's fix it myself or downgrade to a 27" toshiba. Any help would be great.
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    You're smart to be wary of playing around inside. There's 10,000 volts in there. If you touch the wrong thing, it could easily kill you (even if it's unplugged!)


    Ok. You said it _is_ a RP set? It's most likely electronics. However, on an older set, trying to fix this stuff is hard because the service mode is most likely adjustments on the inside of the TV, where you're looking.

    If you can find a service manual for it, that would really help.

    I doubt there is a multi-point convergence grid you can just pop up and do a nice digital convgerence with. There may be analog controls in there somewhere, or the convergence board, itself may very well need replacing, altogether.

    The problem with the method you're trying to fix it is that that's a single point of convergence; on most sets there is someway to do a multi-point (50+ points) convergence. Is what you're doing accessible through a user menu?

    There's lot of financing deals (no interest, if paid in ~1 year) on new HD sets, if that helps.

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