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Please help me dual sub woofer hook y-cable"?" (1 Viewer)

Myo K

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 27, 2003

i recently purchased this y cable to use for my subs, i have two sawm40 subs, and i plan on hooking this y cable to the back of my receiver and hooking both sub cables into each end of the female connections.

the packaging does no state whether its compatible with subwoofers, and it looks kinda cheap. all this thing says is, "Stereo Mini Adapter Cables"

so i was wondering if these are compatible with my subwoofers? there was a thx y adpater i saw elsewhere afterwards for 10 dollars, but i dont really want to return this one to buy another one for 5 dollars more, its a lot of hassle, for me since theyre located at two different stores.

and i had a suspiscion that both cables will provide the same performance, but with different packaging.

my question is, will this y-adapter work perfectly fine as a splitter for two subs? or will it damage my recever/subs?

what bothers me is that the packaging doesnt state sub on it anywhere, and the package also refers the cable as jr. models, i dont know if that has any relevance?


more questions!

can anyone explain this "cancelation" to me i keep hearing about with two sub woofers?

both subs im planning on using will be the exact same model.

anyone know whats the best placement(should i stack them? one in the front and one in the back? should i change the crossovers on each one to create an increase of bass after a certain frequency?)? should i forego the y adapter and just use the line out on the back of the sub and daisy chain? will the crossover in sawm40 affect the signal of the second sub if i do decide to daisy chain? or will it just be a direct feed from the receiver?

whats the best placement for two subs? my room doesnt really seem to like subwoofers very much since, the only place in the room you can hear the sub is if your within 4 feet directly in front of the sub all other low frequencies are dead everywhere elase in the room, which is the reason why i decided to get a second sub. to increase the sweet spot and ruuuuuumble

all answers are appreeciated, thanks ^^

steve nn

Senior HTF Member
Jan 12, 2002
>Yes the Y should-will do just fine.________________________
>Cancellation is when two subs work against each other in short. You will want to position and set your settings "Phase" accordingly. Think of your subs as putting out waves like the ocean. If these waves cascade into each other it will reduce your bass.__________________________________________
>Daisying will work fine with the Sony. I forget the options on the back of the sub but I prefer not to daisy. It does have it's Pros. Saving $$ on cabling would be my first thought. I have daisied off the Sony and it did work fine._____________________________________________ _________
>Positioning your duel con-fig can only be answered by you. You can try it with your subs in many different locations. From what you state I would work on the duel stacked approach option first and let your receiver do the crossover work. I forget if you can disable the Sony with X-over or not. If you cant, try turning crossover to full.______________________
>Do you have your speakers set to small and your SW turned on at the receiver? Is my thinking correct in that you do not have calibration capability at this time?______________
>No you should not have different crossovers engaged on your subs in what you are trying to achieve.
>There is a beginners primer FAQ link at the top of the Home Theater basics area section page that might be very helpful to you. We have all been over there a time or two and it does address many questions and contains allot of compiled info. :emoji_thumbsup:

Myo K

Stunt Coordinator
Mar 27, 2003
steve, your help is greatly appreciated, thank you for taking the time to answer my many questions :)

im sorry if any of these have been discussed before, ill be sure to check the faq right now,

and again, thank you

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