Please help me design my HT room

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  1. Aaron H

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    Jun 28, 2001
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    Hi everyone,
    We're building a new house and I have to have my wiring decisions by Friday. I'm trying to decide on the layout of the upstairs bonus room which will house a HT.
    Here's a pic.
    The room is 20'x17' and has pretty high vaulted ceilings. I don't know for sure which way the 20' and which way the 17' dimensions run. If that's very important to know, I can find out tomorrow.
    I want to put a rear-projection TV on one end, with the front LCR speakers. Then, of course, I want 2 rear surrounds. And the biggie, an SVS. To help with the WAF, would the closet be on ok please for the SVS? Oh, and we have 2 normal sized couches to go up there. I guess I'm just looking for the best possible sweet-spot from the two couches, and of course, I want to be able to place the rear-surrounds so hopefully both people on the couches can hear them the best.
    Oh, and I like to mount the rear speakers on the wall. I don't really wanna have them stand mounted.
    I tried labeling the walls so it might help with your description, should you choose to offer some advice.
    Thanks in advance!!!!!
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    Neil Joseph
    I'm moving this post over to the Building A Home Theater Area in anticipation of more response to your thread.
  3. Dan Hitchman

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    In your diagram, which is the 20' and which is the 17' section?

    You more often than not you want to place a screen on one of the short walls.

    I don't think you'd like the sound of an SVS in the closet. If the closet is big enough, gut it and put a Middle Atlantic rack system (the Slim 5 series is the most economical) in there for your components with enough ventilation and run all major wiring to it.

    Trust me that you'll want to run a wire conduit and pull strings to where you might wind up placing a front projector in the future(even a separate 15 gauge run for plugging in said future projector), and run speaker wire for center back surround speakers for a possible 7.1 setup. Do so now or you'll have a lot of trouble upgrading later.


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