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Please help me deciding My coming HT setup (newbie) (1 Viewer)

Ricky Hartanto

Mar 27, 2002
Hi guys,

It has been a while since I post any messages. I was considering a HTiB setup but I changed my mind as I monitored your posts.
I am considering three receivers which are Onkyo SR600, Yamaha HTR-5560, and Pioneer VSX-D811S. I am going to use it mostly for movies. The most important features that I would like to have will be a 6.1 capability. The Pioneer seems to have the most features given the price.
My budget is limited which makes me to narrow my choices to the three receivers above I would like it to keep it as low as possible (I am still in university) while having a reasonable quality receivers.
The speakers that I am considering is currently the JBL-NSP1. I read in the forum that it matches the SR600 nicely. However, I do not know if it will matches the Yamaha and the pioneer or not.
Would you guys please help me deciding how to set my HT up? If you don't mind also please tell me where I should buy them considering the price and the warranty issues. I would like to purchase it as soon as possible.
Thank you so much for your help.

Tony Meconiates

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 21, 2002
if you are on a tight budget go for the 811S and the NSP1.... 550 total... add the sony woof for another 150... total 700.

If you can swing 950 for a setup upgrade speakers to the energy take 5.2 with 8.2 sub for 650 + 300 for 811S...

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