Please help me – Hitachi - Samsung (DCDI Faroudja)

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Sam Davatchi, Oct 12, 2004.

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    I’m getting a Plasma HDTV and my choice has been narrowed to 2 models. Could you please help me which one to pick up? I have the option of

    1) Hitachi 42PD5200 – (106cm)

    2) Samsung - PS37S4A – (94 cm) with {DCDI Faroudja} Circuit

    Well I prefer the Hitachi one because it’s bigger! The Samsung model is smaller but it contains the {DCDI Faroudja} Circuit. I have heard good things about Faroudja here! So what do you think? Which one should I get?

    Also a quick question about Philips Plasmas. I saw some here with Pixel Plus technology. Can you turn off this Pixel Plus thing? They advertise it a lot but I found it horrible. It gives a video feel to pictures. They were showing Star Wars on several Plasmas here and the Philips with Pixel Plus looked like they had filmed it on a DV camera! It didn’t look like film!

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    On the DCDI thing, while really nice to have in a display, it shouldn't be a deal maker or breaker, because DVD players have it. Might help a lot if you do any laserdisc still though. A VCR even SVHS generally will have such a soft picture, you don't realize the benefits from it either.

    I say go wth the size.... My favorite Plasma's I have really seen are still Panasonic, but even those were just ED displays, not HD. But man they look pretty great.

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