Please help a noob with a quick question!

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by oskcaz, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Hey guys I have some new speakers here that someone gave to me that I would like to use but I am such a noob at this type of stuff. I have nobody else I can ask so I'm coming here for a little guidance.
    I've had one of those sony box home theater systems for a while, and the subwoofer was just a basic plugin with the simple negative and positive wire cable , same as all the speakers.
    well i'm trying to use the same receiver with these new speakers but i have no idea on how to connect the subwoofer on the new ones. HERE IS A PICTURE SO YOU CAN SEE WHAT I'M WORKING WITH HERE
    My question is how the hell can I connect those 8 output/input to the back of the old receiver ? HERE IS A PICTURE OF THE OLD DVD RECEIVER I'M TRYING TO USE
    THANK YOU to anyone that can help with my quick question!
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    Well, with "good results" as the goal, it isn't going to happen.
    "One piece throw away" HTiB are not meant to be upgraded. You are supposed to connect the front right and left into that subwoofer and then let it feed the left and right, but...
    Your HTiB probably does not have any user settings for the audio, so there will be nothing for the subwoofer to do. That basically means the R/L/C/SR/SL are all crossed over above 200hz. If you can't change that, there is no point in adding the subwoofer to the R/L.
    As for the subwoofer. I'm guessing this a PMPO 1000w rated system. In the "real world" that probably equates to something like 10-15 watts. You can try a "speaker level to line level adapter" (your Amazon search, these are commonly sold for car stereo use to connect an amp to the stock HU), but don't expect great results.

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