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    Jun 22, 2001
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    Hello everyone, first time posting and I do not know jack about home audio.
    I am planning to upgrade from my 27" to a 36 or a low 40's inch TV for this upcomming football season and have some questions.
    I was reading about the Toshiba 40H80 as my widescreen choice and the Sony 36XBR400 as my regular TV choice. But any other opinions on choices would be great.
    I sit about 10 feet away from my TV but I don't know the how many feet away per screen size.
    Also, I watch movies maybe once a week but I am not a huge movie buff anymore, so is a regular TV the way to go? I have read that the widescreens are not really recomended for daily TV/cable viewing or is that not true?
    I would appreciate any help from you guys, thank you.
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