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Please check my TV purchasing logic - I'd love your opinions (1 Viewer)


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Nov 16, 1999
Hi all -

Here's the deal. We are adding a third TV in a (currently being) redone basement. I'd like to take the 32" Sony I have in our family room and put it down there, and upgrade the family room TV to either a 32" or 36" flat screen, HDTV ready set. (Have issues as to whether a 36" can fit on our current piece of furniture (which my wife likes and WILL NOT replace) but that's another story.

We also have an older 27" Hitachi in the bedroom, which has been having a lot of issues lately. Namely, it randomly powers off, and you have to unplug it for a while before it will turn back on. There's also a static sound coming from the speakers (despite the fact that the TV sound is turned all the way down and we listen through a stereo set up in there).

Ok... so my thoughts are this:

If I buy a new family room TV now, its a big cost. $1500-$2000 most likely. And the new models are coming soon, which will either a) produce a new model for us, or b) allow us to buy the older models at a discount, right?

So I feel its not a great time to buy.

I don't, however, want to buy a 32" for the basement... because if I do that, we won't be upgrading the family room TV (since we'd have no room for the "new" 32").

So I thought it would make the most sense to spend $400-$500 and get a new 27". Put it in the basement for now, and then when the new 32-36" are available, buy one, and move the 27" into the bedroom.

Does this make sense to anyone?

And any tips on a good 27" flat screen for about $400? My only requirement is that it have 2 s-video inputs in the back (for DVD and DTV).


Matt Stone

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Jun 21, 2000
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Matt Stone
I think that you can get the Akai from Sams for pretty cheap. It's a Samsung clone, and is well liked on this forum.


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May 23, 2002
The Akai goes for $350, but it only has one s-video, but it also has a set of component video inputs (however, they both share the same audio input, so a switch both or splitter is needed).

Mark Larson

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Mar 3, 2002
Forgive me for intruding somewhat, but i think this looks like a perfect opportunity to get started on a REAL Home Theater! :D
Basement, need new TV... ;) You do the math!
And you won't want to get such a small set if you're starting a basement HT! :emoji_thumbsup:

Dan V

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May 17, 2001
Frank, I think your thought process is excellent on which tv to replace now. The flat screens are dropping in price, and if you don't need HDTV capability yet, hold off and wait for the prices to drop. Meanwhile, you can get a great deal on the 27" Akai, which has an excellent picture with a little tweaking and for $350 is a steal.This will by you some time and allow you to save for the set you really want for the family room, and you are probably going to have to replace the Hitachi eventually anyway, so take avantage of a good deal and get a nice 27" flat screen now.

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