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Michael Botvinick

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Sep 13, 2001
Please relate your experience with me. I could really use the help.
I will post this in different areas since in has a multiple of questions. I am pretty knowledgeable about HT. Buy I have a tough very confusing decision to make. I am in the process of turning my new home (loft) into a HT. I just got done installing the 7th channel (2 rear centers running in series). Now it is time to replace my 25inch RCA from 10 years ago. I cannon decide to go RP or FP. I have a progressive Scan DVD. And I use Direct TV with the dish that I can later buy a HDTV decoder for. I don't play games. We own a lot of movies and enjoy watching TV now and then.
Here are my thoughts:
The loft is upstairs and has two windows that I will be covering up with framed movie posters (My wife is decorating the whole thing). I will also eventually put in movie seats with two rows. The wall with the TV is 8 feet high and about 17 feet from the opposite wall. The TV wall is over 15 feet long. There is a linen closet behind this wall (an extra one we don't use) that I may turn into my equipment closet.
If I go RPTV it needs to be able to get up my staircase that is shaped like packman. It will be very difficult to get one up there. The Mitsubishi 65inch can come apart into two pieces. Has anyone does this?
Should I buy a RPTV now or wait until the DLPs come out. They will obviously be lighter and easier to get up my stairs. As you can see from my dimensions that I can easily fit a 65inch TV on that wall.
Or should I just get a FP? If so which one? Are there other hidden costs I should know about? How much is a inexpensive screen (I don't need it to be motorized)? And which vendors have you used that you like (and vice-versa)
The 65inch Platinum Select Mitsubishi can be bought from $3000. That sounds real nice. But am I shooting myself in the foot for future technologies?
I could go with a smaller TV say a 32 or 36 for everyday TV watching and then use a FP for our movies. But what budget should I really be considering?
Thanks for all your help.
This forum has made it possible to get all of us techies together and share information. I don't think I would have bought half the equipment I own if it was not for your advice.
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Vlad D

Oct 24, 2001
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Vladimir Derenoncourt
I don't have a FP (I went the RP route) but I have seen home theater FP in the range of $9000 - $16,000 for a DLP projector. I have also heard some people using business projectors for HT use, and those can be found for much cheaper - less than $5000. You can find more info on the AVS Forum. They have a ton of people there who are really into FP. There are two forums, one for projectors Under $5000 here , and one for over $5000 here . Good luck.

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