PlayStation's Gamer Advisory Panel Discussion Group about Online Gaming

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    PlayStation's Gamer Advisory Panel Discussion Group about Online Gaming

    I have participated in these type of things before hosted by PlayStation for gaming in genaral. They ask that you log into the group for at least 10 –15 minutes each day (Monday – Wednesday) This one was a bit different though. It seem as though they chose the group of people with online gaming in mind ONLY. Meaning most of the participants seemed to own both ps2 online or xbox live.

    For the most part it was them just asking what they can do to make PS2 Online better and how it compares to the Live service offered by Xbox. Most answers were not readable till you answered them for yourself then you had access to the others. It was funny how similar most of the comments were. Most people seemed to favor the Live service better offering constructive criticism. Some of you HTFers got a few nice comments on post# someone there knew of you and also like playing with us online.
    Here are just a few examples(browse through it if you like):

    1.17. Mod: What are PlayStation Online’s strengths? What are Xbox Live’s? Please type "PlayStation =" and then "Xbox =" when you list the strengths so I know which comments go with each console. Mon 12:15 am

    1.17.1. IOWABOY100: Playstation= SOCOM,NCAA 2004, voice chat in some games.. Xbox= haha..the list could go on forever.. awesome games..friends list..voice chat in every game..good setup for every single game... Mon 2:14 am IOWABOY100: downloadable content Mon 2:16 am

    1.17.2. JBONE: Playstion=The only 1 that I would say is a strength is that you dont pay for PS2 online XBOX= Xbox is a more complete package you get everything you want and expect out of it. I dont mind paying for service that works so well(no disrespect PS2) Mon 8:48 am

    1.17.3. halbert1: PlayStation = EA, Socom (there must be more I just can not think of it off hand, give me a minute……….) Xbox = Hard drive for DL content, friends list, game invites(between different games), dashboard, one gamer tag in all games, a bunch of titles, headset, larger scale. Mon 9:48 am

    1.17.4. UCDREW2: ps2 gives people either dial up or broadband option xbox all broadband ps2 doesn't have many online games [​IMG] xbox has more(thats the secret in 2000) Mon 10:37 am

    1.17.5. IOWABOY100: oops...almost forgot that huge hard drive!!! Mon 12:23 pm

    1.17.6. TLJ101010: Playstation = larger user base, better controller, cheaper. EA GAMES ONLINE. Xbox = less cheaters, voice chat across all games, buddy list across all games Mon 12:24 pm

    1.17.7. UNCWJOKER: PlayStation=more games Xbox= less lag Mon 1:10 pm

    1.17.8. ARBITRAGE: Playstation = SOCOM and EA support XBOX= community, seamless quickmatch, gamertag Mon 1:25 pm

    1.17.9. EYEDEA28: PlayStation=SOCOM,... Xboxlive=Good Mic system, Buddylist, same gamer "TAG" for every game, and options to use a diff name or nickname for some games Mon 2:04 pm

    1.17.10. DGONZALEZ545: Xbox= 1.NO HACKING! DA< or />DEADLY ALLIANCE< for those who don't know us. We usually practice and have a great time (sometimes blowing each other off a mountain for the hell of it) but we have a lot of fun. I have been doing this since its release date and its a blast. I think I have only missed about 20 days total since it has been released....I know, its sad...LOL Mon 6:10 pm DAXANMAN: IT'S NOT SAD, IT'S LOVE. Wed 10:58 am

    1.23.14. MRAHTES: Some of the online games are hard to play with friends but I think if you establish a clan or a team you need to get AOL IM or MSN Messenger or something. That is how my team communicates where we are we have a website with our own message board. Mon 6:12 pm IOWABOY100: yo how many are you are on AIM..send me an IM at iowaboy100 Mon 7:14 pm

    1.23.15. VZE3GZ7S: Well, with EQOA I go on, check guild/friends for possible group or help. If nobody's available, I'll just go through pickup groups until I find a good one and play till I get bored or need to head out. With Live, I'll check buddylist to find out who's playing what and possibly join. If nobody's available, I'll go find a game and play. If it's a good host (connection and playerwise) I'll stay, if not, I'll find another. I prefer not to host. I'll play 'till I dont feel like it anymore or have to head out. Similar thing with Mech Assault. Mon 7:19 pm

    1.23.16. CRICKET_2K3: i play socom and everquest but not EQ because it gets boring after a while with all the assholes on there socom i go online at around 9 pm till 2 AM cause thats when all the kids are in bed and just seems that wow all the cheaters are gone........but then again clan haters can be the cheaters too so whatever Mon 7:25 pm

    1.23.17. CRICKET_2K3: oh btw im in the clan *MVP* from US WEST 2 server and i meet up with them Mon 7:26 pm

    1.23.18. MERIUS13: i usealy play in the twylight hours and play any one that is not a noob Mon 7:35 pm

    1.23.19. SUMMONERUR: Well, right now, I am lanning with 2 other friends doing all nighters on Starwars Galaxies [​IMG] Play about 20 hours and take turns taking 4 hour naps. When I'm not with them cramped in my room with 3 pcs I'm either turning on the xbox or ps2 for a few hours to pass the time with a good FPS Mon 8:41 pm

    1.23.20. DEREMI: usually when i am bored, usually for like 1-2 hrs and i don;t meet up with people. Mon 10:35 pm

    1.23.21. ICEBLADEZ4: (all steps are indicated with first letter capitalized) Check the clock realizing its 8 PM Log in through Xbox live Load in Unreal Pind friends Play various rounds with them Find walkman and put it on since music gets boring Get off at about 1 AM Mon 11:49 pm

    1.23.22. MOS2159: Usually after 8 on week nights, also during the day on weekends. Mostly first person shooters (Socom, Unreal Tournament, Castle Wolfenstien), but I love tetris and Capcom Vs. SNK and would deffinatly ply more of those type of games. Tue 1:00 am MOS2159: As far as meeting people online that only happens on Xbox live. Tue 1:01 am

    1.23.23. ELYJR: Write now I mostly play Everquest Online Adventures. On the weekdays after work up to 2-4 hours. On the weekend it's on I can play up to 6-12 hours. I meet with people on my buddies list or guild all the time. Usually it's best to plan sometimes by sending emails, or instant messaging. Tue 9:54 am

    1.23.24. JONATHONZACHOW: fight with my modem for 20 mins log on to socom (uk server) and play anywhere between 3 and 7 hours a day. Tue 10:09 am

    1.23.25. CAUTION: I play when i think more people will be on ill play anything that i would like to play online. I'll stay for about 3-7 hours if i can. i meet people if there on and if they want to play. Tue 1:07 pm

    1.23.26. ARCHPACO: XBOX Live - Midtown Madness 3 sign on-check for buddies online. Join friends in a game in progress. We play a team game of "capture the flag." Catch up with my old highschool buddy who lives in another state. During the session a few people may come and go, if they are cool (good attitude and an avid player) I'll send them a friends request to find them later. Start time 7:30PM finish time 12:30AM Sometimes well switch the teams up if we're kicking the other teams but and sometimes we'll play a different type of game (race, keepaway, etc.) but still in Midtown Madness 3. Tue 3:01 pm

    1.23.27. BRIANROLL: Before i play i aim all my friends from that game. I usually play for playstation socom or madden exclusively. I play for like 2-3 hours at a time usually in the evening because i sleep in pretty late and i play other games until i go to sleep. Tue 3:51 pm

    1.23.28. FERMBIZ: im going to use everquest since ive played it the most online in any cosonle. as soon i as get home i hop right on eq. chat with some friends and get a group together. we might go on a raid, exploring, or just level up. i can play four hours till my butt falls asleep Tue 7:58 pm


    3.10. Mod: Both Xbox Live and PlayStation Online are battling it out to build the best online gaming community. Who’s more likely to deliver this and why? Wed 12:00 am

    3.10.1. MACCHIONE: Xbox live...see previous post. 3.8 Wed 12:17 am

    3.10.2. SUMMONERUR: Isn't this the same question as 3.8?... Wed 12:44 am

    3.10.3. BRIANROLL: I say playstation because socom's community is already better than any xbox community Wed 2:08 am halbert1: Sorry but you can't base a hole online community on a single game. That is weak. Wed 9:05 am

    3.10.4. MRAHTES: I think PS2. Look at the quality of games they have offline compared to XBOX. All XBOX really has is Halo, other than that they major titles are also on PS2. Then look at PS2, they have games offline (That can be made online) that rule...Final Fantasy games, Gran Tourismo. Wed 8:30 am ELYJR: True true Sony do have the good offline games while MS has the good online service and a few games. Sony has nothing to worry about as long as they keep the good games coming. The end of 2003 and the year 2004 is going to be big for online games. Wed 10:48 am

    3.10.5. halbert1: So far MS is winning this race but I think Sony wont drop out without a fight.. I do feel MS has an advantage with broadband only (lag issues) and the HDD can hurt either. Wed 8:58 am

    3.10.6. MOS2159: We've only had their online service for less than a year now. The battle has just begun, it's way o hard to determine right now. Wed 10:01 am

    3.10.7. UCDREW2: xbox has th advantage but the one thing about being in the lead is that everyone can see what you are doing and where your mistakes lie so if they come out with it the know what works and what doesn't work i.g. sega dreamcast, need i say more, Wed 10:11 am

    3.10.8. DAXANMAN: ps2, simply due to numbers(owners) Wed 10:23 am

    3.10.9. ELYJR: I expecting Xbox Live to win for now. The Xbox Live service is so organized and packed with good features right in the here and now and more in the future. With Sony there is no organization between sony and other game developers. If Sony started an online service similar to Xbox live package it with a Hard Disk Drive, headset, and provided some nice features to go along with it such as a downloadable game demoe/game expansions, web browser, online mini-games, Voice chat, Universal ID, etc. I would gladly pay $100 plus for it as long as we get a year of free service. Wed 10:44 am
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    2.13. Mod: How do the two communities COMPARE -- PlayStation's community to Xbox's community? Tue 12:00 am

    2.13.1. IOWABOY100: Xbox= Empire State Building PS2=my house Tue 1:38 am

    2.13.2. MRAHTES: I am not a fan of XBOX live games right now, but I think PS2 can get a few pointers about how to set up servers and maintain a better standard for friends to find and interact with each other online. Tue 1:47 am

    2.13.3. MOS2159: Tough questions becuase they both have advantages and disadvantages. I give the edge to Xbox Live for its friends list and voice comunication. It should be better tho since they charge a fee. Tue 1:49 am MOS2159: Well I do also thinkit's a little unfaitr to compare the 2, since one charges and one does not. Tue 1:36 pm ARCHPACO: I find the charge to be insignifigant when you compare the benefits (this doesn't mean I want pay an arm and a leg) Tue 3:55 pm MOS2159: Yes but are the benefits that important to everyone? Not everyone gets online to make friends. Some just get online to up their frag count. lol When it comes to Xbox live your really only paying for 2 things, the friends and the downloadable content. Why pay for it if you don't want it? Tue 4:24 pm MRAHTES: I pay for it and don't ever use xbox live games interest me right now. Tue 6:36 pm JONATHONZACHOW: me too I pay for it and would love a refund they just don't have the games Tue 10:41 pm

    2.13.4. halbert1: Xbox just seems easier to find friends, which is what for me makes it feel more like a community. One thing Xbox has which is a great advertising ploy for them to sell more games is the LIVE dashboard. (for those of you not familure with this it lists all you friends who are online and what they are playing and whether they are available or not.) I must have bought at least two games just because I went on LIVE into the dash board and realized most of my friends list was playing one particular game for a few days straight and the next day I ran out to get that hot game of the moment. Not a bad way to sell games. Tue 9:09 am

    2.13.5. JONATHONZACHOW: they don't Tue 10:36 am

    2.13.6. ELYJR: Well I like Xbox live better and willing to pay the $50 a year for voice chat and it has a single unified community. There is also game downloads, and leaves room for growth. Playstation online is just good we have the good games here and now. The community is segragated by different game developer servers, and you have to keep track of all the different user IDs of yourself and of buddies. Tue 11:13 am

    2.13.7. UCDREW2: xbox has edged out ps2 in online community Tue 11:14 am

    2.13.8. ICEBLADEZ4: As one person said...X box has an actuall community. Playstation is more like an amusment park...people come, people play, people leave....doubtfull on making a friend and keeping the relationship Tue 12:15 pm halbert1: Thats a good way of saying it. Tue 2:14 pm

    2.13.9. ARBITRAGE: xbox hands down has the better online community so far Tue 12:58 pm

    2.13.10. CAUTION: Um right now id say xbox is bigger but when socom 2 comes out xbox has no chance Tue 1:31 pm

    2.13.11. DGONZALEZ545: XBL = PS2 Both have their advantages and both have their disadvantages. Tue 1:54 pm

    2.13.12. UNCWJOKER: overall ps2 is the way to go for me. Tue 3:08 pm

    2.13.13. ARCHPACO: No contest XBOX Live Rules the day. If XBOX had SOCOM I'd sell my PS2 (not really I even still have the old NES) Tue 3:52 pm

    2.13.14. BRIANROLL: I think that Playstation wins just with it's good games like socom. Tue 4:05 pm

    2.13.15. JBONE: Xbox kicks playstations butt all the way around no question about it Tue 5:08 pm

    2.13.16. DEREMI: Unable to answer, insufficient data. Tue 6:07 pm

    2.13.17. OTIS: to different experences and worlds and that's that Tue 9:14 pm

    2.13.18. VZE3GZ7S: I'd say that Xbox is the community that's on top. Less to hide behind. Lots of people have PS2, but it's the more hardcore gamer that has a PS2 and Xbox. Plus there's more to lose since you're using a service. Tue 10:24 pm

    2.13.19. MACCHIONE: Xbox wins hands down. That's the beauty of not having to support an add-on device and program down to the lowest common denominator (read modem). Wed 12:05 am

    2.13.20. SUMMONERUR: Xbox > PS2, for now. FFXI will change that [​IMG] [​IMG] Wed 12:37 am

    2.13.21. DAXANMAN: The talk option on the Xbox is far superior. The ability to download is even greater. But ps2 has the games. Wed 10:02 am

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