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Player/Receiver suggestions for backup, bedroom theater.... (1 Viewer)

Lee H

Jul 16, 2006
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R. Lee Hixson
our new home theater will be installed on wednesday (thanks, Alon, for all your help with that one), and we have moved the old setup into the bedroom....now we want to modestly upgrade the bedroom set and need some suggestions....

here's the equipment:

57" Sony HDTV, 1-year old, 1 HDMI input
Polk Audio speakers (5), 5 years old
old vhs tape player

--our first priority is to reduce the insane wire clutter that we have now...
--second priority is to upgrade the picture quality of the Sony

we will be getting a new Comcast HD cable box with built-in TiVo so that will help with the clutter......most of the time we will be watching cable tv, but we will occasionally want to watch some of our old dvd movies.....i'm thinking that if we got a new dvd player and new receiver, with htmi and upconversion capability, we could further reduce the clutter and get a better picture too

question is: how inexpensive can we go with the new player and receiver and still get improved PQ? we are hoping to get them both for $700 or less...is this realistic? got some suggestions for makes and models? note that it would be nice to be able to get something decent from a nearby Frys, C. City, or Good Guys.....

(we don't need to wow friends and relatives....that's what the new living room setup is for.....we just want less clutter and better PQ than we have now)

Adam Gregorich

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Nov 20, 1999
The Other Washington
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HDMI receiver + a good DVD player is probably doable but hard to find for $700. I personally really like Denon. You could do the AVR-1907 (no HDMI) but a great unit otherwise with a Denon 1730 DVD player for your price range.

Note that the model numbers at Circuit City would be DVD-557 for the DVD player and AVR-787 for the receiver. Just under $700. I am not really stressing HDMI receivers until 1.3 capable products surface next year.

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