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    I've a JVC 500BK Progressive scan player. I love the picture the sound and everything BUT... The layer change takes 1 to 2 seconds, and if the DVD has minor scratches (rented) It really seems to choke the player.

    I explained this to the guy at Ultimate Electronics & he says it's common. He stated that he himself has an "$800 player" and it does the same thing. Is he being honest? Wouldn't a player with a xx megabyte buffer remedy the layer change delay?

    Is there a player that has a smoother layer change, and not so dependent on a pristine disc for around $500ish?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Okay, you probably want a more detailed answer than that.[​IMG]
    Yes, he's honest. I'm sure the usual suspect will chime in on this topic, but if you want, you should do a search, search, search on "layer change" or "layer pause" on this forum. You'll get older threads that'll help.
    Players that come to mind $500 and below... Denon 1600, Denon 300, Apex players, and I think a Samsung player or two. Except for the Denon 1600, I don't think the limitations/problems of those other players outweigh their fast layer changing capability.
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    Some players do a much better job than others on the layer change. I have a sony player that goes pretty quick. I have watched a movie on a JVC player once at a friends house and the LC was about 3x longer than my sony. I have heard Denon's are one of the fastest. Haven't tested them myself though.

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