Playboy's Penthouse/Playboy After Dark- any news?

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Charles Ellis, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. Charles Ellis

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    As a kid I remembered watching Playboy After Dark on a local syndicated station. It was pretty sophisticated compared to most talk shows of the period, and was a great hour-long ad for Hef's philosophy and lifestyle. Of course it didn't hurt that it also had big-name guest stars from movies, TV and the record industry.

    Years later (circa 1990) the Playboy Channel (now Playboy TV) began showing all the episodes of this show and its early sixties predecessor, Playboy's Penthouse. It's nice to see that Hef kept the tapes archived, and with all the talent involved (ranging from Lenny Bruce and Nat "King" Cole to Ike & Tina Turner, the Byrds and even Clara Ward's gospel troupe!) and its rather adult subject matter in the show's more serious moments (many top issues of the day were discussed openly).

    Both series are bookend to the Sixties- with Penthouse representing the Rat-Pack/Camelot era, and After Dark , in living color, represents the miniskirted, tie-dye hippie era. They each deserve a DVD release, and I'm hoping that there may be plans ahead. So- does anyone know of any possible plans to release both shows on DVD?
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    Haven't heard anything, but I have to think this has "music licensing nightmare" written all over it.

    Someone needs to smack the music industry upside the head and make them sit down and work out a streamlined, affordable system for licensing music on DVD compilations. I can't even imagine how much potential revenue they've thrown away because of their stubbornness and lack of foresight.
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    Hef kept anything and everything that was broadcast that was Playboy related. He had 2-inch tape machines at the mansion and recorded any story or show that had any connection to the magazine. That said, these shows would be nice releases and really there wasn't a ton of music on them, usually one maybe two musical guests in the hour. Not as big of a problem as mainstream network variety shows that employed orchestras, all of whom need to get paid for these things.
  4. Jesse Skeen

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    Don't forget Playboy's Roller Disco And Pajama Party special from 1979, featuring the Village People! [​IMG]

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