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Dr. Anthony Rosalia

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 6, 2004
We still have about 16 units left for all forum viewers and they are going fast.

Don't forget to use your exclusive coupon code htfphildeal763923 to get your extra $50 Home Theater Forum Discount.

If you don't see a specific product on our website, we probably just didn't get around to putting it up.

We are the newest Plasma TV Dealer and Direct to Consumer Internet Superstore on the net and have some 100 different plasma TV's available for sale. We are a completely authorized dealer and can made up some sweet deals for you that nobody can touch or duplicate.

We carry some of the nets most exclusive home theater products from the incredible JVC LCOS displays and projectors to the
InFocus Screenplay 4805
New InFocus SCREENPLAY SP5000!!!

Infocus X2
BenQ 8700
BenQ 7800
Sharp XV-Z10000U
Sharp XV-Z200U
Sharp DT-300
Hitachi Home1
NEC HT1100+ Anamorphic lens
Mitsubishi H3
Toshiba TDPMT800
Toshiba TDPMT500
Toshiba TDPMT8U
Toshiba TLPET1
and on and on.

We are bound by internet regulations with all our manufacturers for minimum advertised price, but that doesn't mean we can't make up incredible deals for you. :)

Give us a call or email us for a price quote on your favorite gear. There is a ton of stuff we have yet to put up and with our buying power, we can make deals that nobody on the planet can imitate, all with 100% valid USA warranties that WILL BE HONORED by our manufacturers as we are authorized to sell every product in the store. If you don't buy from an authorized dealer, you will be setting yourself up for a fall if the unit breaks. You will have no warranty; you will have no factory support, and have no recourse. You will have bought the world’s most expensive paperweight.

We only deal with the best extended warranty company on the planet (Philips) and have some of the best warranty prices on the net. We also have a very extensive amount of mounting hardware from ceiling, to wall to tabletop, with tilts and arms galore from many many manufacturers.

Our store was formed by 2 enthusiats Doctors who want to show you the treatment that you have always deserved without the nose in the air treatment of the elite stores but great prices. Our experts truly love their hobbies and want to make other's dreams come true. You will find no bait and switch tactics, no broken promisses, and no games and ficticious prices. We have delt with the pubilic now for over 2 years and have a spotless Dunn and Bradstreet Record and a clean Better Business record. :D You will find no better attention to you needs than anywhere else on the net. We actually care about our patrons and it shows by our returning loyal customers.

Call us for a free consultation @ 516-804-9628 or mail us at [email protected]

[url=http://www.plasmadocs.com/v-web/store/images/medium/philipscombo_MED.jpg] [/url]

Plasmadocs.com is selling a Philips 42FD9954 42" 1024x1024 Plasma plus the FTR9965 (scaler/ dual tuner /motion box with a ton of bells and whistles) external upgrade module for $3849 SHIPPED($6499 list 41% off)


Don't forget to use your exclusive coupon code htfphildeal763923 to get your extra $50 Home Theater Forum Discount.

This unit offers the best of all worlds. First it is a native 1024x1024 screen able to display the majority of the vertical pixel infomation of a pure 1080i signal while most other 1280x768 cannot. This display is very bright at 1000 nits (cd/m2) brighter than most as is easily able to be seen in bright light without getting washed out. It also has an excellent contrast ratio of 1000:1 unlike the inflated numbers of some manufacturers. The display has an internal audio amp and 30 watts rms power so you do not have to hook up your stereo just to watch the news. We think they are the loudest attached speaker/amp combo in ANY plasma display. Combine that with the fact that this unit is just 3.6" in depth AND it comes with it's own wall mounting system (though flimsy) makes it blend into the wall very well. The unit even has a subwoofer output port and internal spatial sound processing. And of course it has the assortment of connections including a DVI port, component, composite and s-video connections. I personally like the headphone out feature for those late night sessions and the subwoofer out ports to connect directly to a sub without having to turn on a full a/v system.

By adding the media box, the volume knob is turned WAY UP! The unit contains a dual tuner PIP capability, a Pixel Plus™ scaler, 9-bit internal processing, Digital CrystalClear™ and Digital Natural Motion™ that will render any source to be crystal clear and scaled properly. (Remember most plasma's are only 8 bit) It includes a second amp to drive yet another set of speakers at 15 watts rms each. It doubles your high definition component inputs to accept HDTV or cable HD receivers. It contains also Active Control™ with continuous picture analysis and control of: Automatic Digital Noise Reduction, Auto Sharpness, Auto Color, Auto Dynamic Contrast, and an ambient light sensor that is fully user controlable. It even has a Zoom function of 16x, 4x, and 9x.. What more can we say. You get A LOT for the money. This is one of THE BEST values on the net today and we are one of the few who have it.

Dotor Rating : * * * * * (5 STARS)


This technological marvel offers advanced plasma display technology in the form of the world’s first television built to hang on your wall! At just 3.6" deep, the Philips Flat TV projects a bright, uniform image, over a viewing angle of up to 160 degrees. Since the Flat TV, without the e-box, acts as a monitor, we made sure it offers advanced connectivity to support data and video inputs. PLUS this unit is completely fanless which means ZERO added noise to movies and late night viewing.


Picture Quality

Plasma ALiS/HD Technology (1024 x 1024 pixels) Alternative Lighting of Surfaces technology results in increased vertical resolution (without sacrificing brightness) for better picture performance from any source. ALiS is a new method of producing a picture on a Plasma Display Panel. It has the ability to reproduce the full 1080i resolution on screen.
Auto Picture™. Auto Picture is a convenient way to access the preset picture settings to enhance the picture elements of different sources. Select from preset picture settings; Multimedia, Rich, Natural, Soft and Personal.
Anti-reflex Coated Flat Glass Screen. It is like "looking through a window" with improved contrast without the glare to distract from viewing pleasure.
Brightness 1000 cd/m3 (nits). The high light output of this PDP Plasma FlatTV delivers exceptional detail even in well lit rooms.
Contrast Ratio 1000 to 1. Higher Contrast delivers increased depth to the picture, resulting in greater dimensionality (more 3 D or life-like). In addition, the greater contrast delivers a picture that is far less washed out in appearance.
Ease of Use

Flat, Slim and Wide Design. At less than 4 inches thick, this Flat TV™ offers more screen in less space than ever before
Fanless Design. No fan noise to distract during those quieter moments in the video.
Sound Quality

30 watt RMS Stereo Speakers. Exciting and lifelike sound.


Epic Series FlatTVTM 42" Widescreen Plasma FlatTVTM HDTV Monitor

Flat, Slim, and Wide Design
Plasma ALiS/HD Technology
Brightness 1000 cd/m3
Contrast Ratio 1000 to 1
Built-in speakers with 30 watts RMS
Flexible inputs: DVI, HD Component, CVBS, SVHS, and VGA
Fanless design
160 degree viewing angle
RC out to iTV system 42FD9954 42FD9954
Video standards: NTSC 3.58 (M), NTSC 4.43, PAL4.43 (B, *, D, H, I, N), PAL 3.58 (M, N), SECAM
16:9 Widescreen format
5 level Auto PictureTM: (Soft, natural, rich, personal, and multimedia)
Tri-mode Tint control
Anti Reflective (non-glare) screen
Viewing Angle: 160 degrees Ease of Use Flat, Slim and Wide Design At less than 4 inches thick, this FlatTVTM offers more screen in less space than ever before Fanless Design No fan noise to distract during those quieter moments in the Video.
Included Wall Mount Kit- Flat to wall
RC out to iTV system
Dynamic Graphical User Interface
RS232 connection
Ergonomic Remote Control
English/French/Spanish menu
Closed Caption viewing. This television receiver provides display of television closed captioning in accordance with 15.119 of the FCC rules.
Sound Quality 30 watt RMS Stereo Speakers Exciting and lifelike sound
FTV Speakers as Center Channel option (with external Hi Fi System)
Bass and Treble Control
Digital Signal Processing
Spatial Pseudo Stereo
Separate Headphone Volume Connectivity
DVI-d input
1 Set of HD Component Video Inputs YPbPr or RGB Plus H and V
1 set of SD Component Video Inputs
SVHS input
2 Sets Stereo AV inputs
Stereo AV outputs
VGA Input:
VGA 640x480 60, 72, 75, 85 Hz
VGA 640x400 70 Hz
VGA 640x350 70 Hz Wide
VGA 856x480 60 Hz Wide
VGA 800x450 65 Hz Wide
VGA 1024x600 60 Hz Wide
VGA 1360x765 60 Hz
MAC 640x480 66.67 Hz
MAC 832x624 74.55 Hz
MAC 1024x768 74.93 Hz
MAC 1152x870 75 Hz
SVGA 800x600 56, 60, 72, 75, 85 Hz
XGA 1024x768 60, 70, 75, 85 Hz
SXGA 1280x1024 60, 72 Hz
(Analog) 60 Hz (DVI)
Subwoofer output
Headphone out (3.5mm)
UPC: 0 37849 92454 9
Product Dimensions: 47.83"W x 25.9"H x 3.7"D
Product Weight: 77.2 lbs.
Carton Dimensions: 58.7"W x 37.5"H x 19.3"D
Carton Weight: 113.6 lbs.
Carton contains
Remote Control w/ batteries
operating instructions
warranty information
wall mount
Country of Origin: Belgium
AutoSound™, AutoPicture™, AutoMute™, AutoLock™, ActiveControl™, and Digital Crystal Clear III™ are trademarks of Philips Consumer Electronics Company Printed in the U.S.A. ©2003 Philips Consumer Electronics Company Specifications subject to change without notice.

Remote jack panel

FTR9965 Flat TV Receiver

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better -- Enhance your Flat TV with this receiver offering Pixel Plus, 2 Tuner PIP, Digital Natural Motion™, Progressive Scan, HDTV and more.

Product highlights
Digital Natural Motion™ offers razor-sharp reproduction of movement and motion.The unique and highly advanced processing calculates motion trajectories of moving picture elements. It corrects jerky movement from both studio programs or movie material.
Digital CrystalClear™ with Dynamic Contrast, SVM, Comb filter, 9-bit processing, luminance enhancements and color enhancements (LTP2). Offer a crisp and natural picture from any type or quality of source.
Pixel Plus™ Uses the power of the Pixel Plus processor to increase the number of lines and the number of pixels.The result is razor sharp pictures with incredible detail and depth, every time from any source.
Dual HD component input and full 1080i resolution display for connection to high definition input.
Double Window, two-tuner PIP with second tuner Double Window. Single PIP (free positioning), 3 fold and 6 fold side PIP's. Also offers photofinish, freeze Main and freeze PIP. Replay lets you play back the previous few seconds in a PIP screen: if you missed the action, replay it as much as you want. Second Tuner sound on headphones.
AutoScreen™ Fit will display programs from any aspect ratio (up to 16:9), filling the complete screen without apparent distortions.
Active Control™ Continuous picture analysis and control of: Automatic Digital Noise Reduction, Auto Sharpness, Auto Color,
Auto Dynamic Contrast, Ambient light sensor. Automatically offers the best picture setting in three levels, off, min, max. A demo menu shows you, based on the picture content the real-time adjustments of 5 parameters.
Monitor is Center’ reproduction option. All monitor speakers play as center. Dolby® processed outputs for L, R and Surround via conventional stereo amplifier.
Powerful 2x15W RMS amplifier built in. Full digital sound processing.
AutoPicture™ and AutoSound™ modes. Easy setting via direct RC keys
AutoSurf™ list. Add your favorite channels and switch throughthem with one button click.
Dynamic Graphical User Interface. Easy and intuitive operation through feedforward and backtracking display. 8
Directional thumbpad cursor control. Full menu control of all functions through layered menus. Easy control of most used features through daily menus.
Zoom 16x (4x, 9x). Cursor movable zoom window.
Multi system and Universal Codes Remote Control
Transparent keys with backlighting.Thumbpad cursor and matching color finish.
YPbPr inputs for best DVD reproduction Three menu languages, English, French, Spanish

Dr. Anthony Rosalia

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 6, 2004
Thanks to all those forum members who have ordered.

We have only 5 units left. Please order yours now before they are gone. No more units are expected as this is a closeout.

We also have a special this month on a 60" Zenith Plasma with Faroudja for $6999 shipped. Please see our website for details. They are all but gone as well. Please act fast.

If you were not able to order recently we apologize as our credit card payment gateway (authorize.net) has been under DDOS attack and our payment order system had been blocked. If you cannot get through, please call us, email or fax us your orders. We guarantee no high pressure sales. We are a class act as always :)

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