Plasmadocs and 2 Parts Fusion join forces to create a Media Center

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    For Immediate Release


    The PD100 and PD200 Limited Edition Media Servers featuring Meedio© Essentials & Professional Audio Are Now Made Available Exclusively Through PlasmaDocs Long Island, NY, September 30, 2005 –, the online home theater division of eCommerce Consortium Inc., a dealer of consumer electronic devices for the high-end audio/video market and 2partsfusion a producer of premiere custom built media servers, had announced today the availability of the PD100 and PD200 Limited Edition media centers. The PD series of media servers was designed via joint collaborative effort between PlasmaDocs and 2partsfusion using exclusively the innovative Meedio© Pro Suite of home theater software.

    The PD 100 and 200 were designed specifically with the audiophile in mind and offer a high-end quality audio subsystem that supports not only EAX but also ASIO 2.0 and GSIF by the means of enhanced E-WDM driver. Coupled with Meedio© Essentials and Meedio© TV, the PD series offers the option of bit-perfect audio output in very unique packages.

    “The PD 100 and 200 Limited Edition Media Servers were engineered from the ground-up to appeal to the discerning Audiophile as well as the Videophile. They will make fantastic editions to our online portfolio of quality products”, said Anthony Rosalia Jr. MD, VP of PlasmaDocs. “2partsfusion Engineers were challenged to design an “audio-centric” media server using the ground-breaking Meedio© software suite, that would earn the respect of our discerning customers yet still offer the reliability and performance for which 2partsfusion Media Servers are so famously known. We believe they have far surpassed our expectations with the PD series. Together we have raised the bar for customer expectations in a home media server.”

    In addition to the high fidelity audio performance, the PD series offers cutting-edge components with very quiet operation and elegant cases. A dual layer DVD Burner, StreamZap remote control, 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard and mouse and front VFD displays are standard You have ability to watch and record live television, store movies and music while harnessing the great performance of the AMD lines of processors. All of the media servers are easily upgraded online to your specifications, including the Meedio© HouseBot line of software.

    The PD-100 and Pd-200 will be launched on the PlamsaDocs website on October 1, 2005.

    About PlasmaDocs
    Founded in 2003 in Seaford, New York, PlasmaDocs is an online home theater retailer specializing in high-end media entertainment devices for the consumer electronics market. They are dedicated to delivering innovative, integrated consumer electronics devices for the networked home. PlasmaDocs has exclusively chosen to install Meedio© software in all their home theater PC’s they produce, a testament to the power and flexibility that Meedio© imparts to both manufacturers and retailers alike. Additional information can be found at

    About 2PartsFusion
    Founded in 2005 in Louisville, Kentucky, 2partsfusion is custom builder of high-end digital media servers featuring a wide range software options. 2partsfusion Digital Media Servers are designed with best-of-breed hardware and software to provide our clientele with a cutting-edge innovative digital experience. Additional information can be found at
    Other product or service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.
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    Althought these systems will do the job, they look about $500 overpriced. Between the CPU, MB, Graphics card, and sound car you are only at about $300 retail. The case is likely the highest priced component in this system!

    That said, it's not bad and will do the job.

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