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    i need some help
    i have a decent home theater i have a panasonic tcp50vt25 ,sony s770 3d blura player
    dennon 2311ci i notice over this weekend that there was something going on in the uper left corner it is kind of like red lines about 7" x 12" knid of like a box it goes away then come's back . now a few months ago i purchased new hdmi cables ( not monster cable ) and i thought i was going to save some $$$ could the cheap cable have failed and is the cause of the problem any help would be greatly appreciated.other then this problem it was working just fine
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    I don't think its the cable. HDMI cables either work or they don't. If there was a problem with the cable I don't think you would see it on just one part of the screen. Do you notice it on all sources (cable and Blu-ray) or just one? Is it ever on the screen long enough to trouble shoot it? For example if it comes on the screen when you are watching a blu-ray, could you try unplugging the cable going from the Denon to the TV and connect it directly to the output on the Blu-ray player to eliminate the Denon as the cause? I would also try to take a picture of it next time its there.

    If it happens on all sources then its either the Denon, the TV or the cable. If its on all sources and you still see it if you have wired around the Denon like I suggested then its the TV or the cable. You could get another inexpensive HDMI cable and see if it goes away (Try a Blue Jeans cable from Amazon) or call Panasonic. If it goes away when you route around the Denon, then its probably the Denon.

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