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Discussion in 'Displays' started by David_MI, Aug 20, 2005.

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    have got a problem choosing a plasma tv (my 1st). I want to hang it above the fireplace. I have it narrowed down to the panny th-42px50u or the
    pioneer pdp-4350. I really like the panny. but my problem is that when I mount it above the fireplace I will have all these wires running to the components. The pioneer has a media box that you only have one wire running to the TV. I really don't know much about these plasmas and I have compared the features between the 2 and I must say they are not much difference between the 2. I also would like to know if I buy one of these Is somthing that I can install myself or will I have to Hire someone to do the install? I have searched this site for a couple of days for the answer. Is there a way to buy a seperate media box for the Pannosinic? Any suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated.

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    Plasma has been improved, but still has an issue with burn in.

    Plasma sets are expensive and heavy. Professional mounting is a must and they should determine that the set can be supported where you want it.

    Since this is going to require professional work, let them figure out how to mount the access box for connections--that's one of the things they can do better since they do it all the time and have run into all kinds of installation problems.

    Fireplace mounting looks great in designer magazines, but you might want to reconsider if you ever use the fireplace.


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