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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Walter_Cohen, May 4, 2004.

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    Where is the most appropriate forum for questions about plasma/flat screen TVs - hopefully here. Also are there any good web sites that have forums/community sections geared toward questions like this?

    Anyway, I want to purchase one and mount it on my bedroom wall.
    Please tell me that I can mount it myself.....
    Do they make special mounting brackets for this purpose (where to buy these as I'm sure if I go to Gateway or Best Buy or Circuit City they'll charge me a premium for it).

    Also, I have Optimum cable access. I believe I need to upgrade to a digital signal/package from them (like IO).

    I'll need to route the incoming signal through my VCR and then into the plasma. My VCR is about 7 years old so would it still be sufficient to use in this capacity or are there newer VCRs today more effective at processing and routing digital signals?

    Thanks for your help!
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    I don't have many answers for you, but I don't think it'd be a good idea to route a HD signal through a vcr at all, unless you get a D-VHS vcr. Plus, I think HD boxes usually only output DVI or component, so I don't think this would even be possible. Why must you run it through the vcr?
  3. Mort Corey

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    If you upgrade to digital cable, then they will supply you with a receiver/set top box that you would connect directly to the display and use the box's tuner. You can split off the box for recording to your vcr and then run another cable to the display for playing back tapes (which will look pretty bad on a plasma display....depending)

    If you're handy with tools and good with carpentry, then you can probably hang the unit on the wall yourself....BUT...this is a multi-thousand dollar piece of equipment that weighs in the neighborhood of 70 pounds. Do you want to risk it crashing to the floor on your nickel?

    Check out the avs forum....they have a lot of input on plasma displays too.


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