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Craig Rup

Dec 19, 2003
I would like to upgrade to larger screen size, I am currently viewing HD(direct tv and ota) and DVD through my Sony 34XBR and loving life, although I would not mind viewing through a larger screen. I know I will have to give in a little on the picture quality, which is my greatest criteria in my decision (selection). Price is secondary but I would like to keep my purchase under 4k.

I have done seem pretty extensive research on the Plasma sets and seem to have narrowed my search to three sets, but with questions. The reviews of the JVC 42V75PD which is ED and the big brother 42WX84 which is HD seem very impressive, but will the benefit of the HD version outweight the 1500.00 price difference. The Toshiba 42HP83P seems to be a decent set and the Hitachi 42HDT50 or T55 seems to have equally decent reviews. I would love to continue to keep sony in my house but from my research the sonys are overpriced and not up to snuff with the top tier 42" plasmas. I would appreciate any comments regarding the above mentioned sets.

I have not done much research as of yet on the DLP front but would greatly appreciate any advice on some of the top tier sets.

My viewing distance is roughly nine feet with really no room to expand so the 42" screen size is a must.

I dont have a preference in TV viewing since I watch sporting events, DVDs and HD equally.

Mort Corey

Supporting Actor
Nov 21, 2003
I own the WX84 JVC...purchased last November. It scales all inputs to 770p and does really well with the lowest SD channels, and excellent with the higher digital channels (and of course HD) It has a BETTER picture than the 27' Panasonic it replaced. We sit about ten feet from the screen but you can get up to less than a foot before you can see any signs of the screen door effect. My wife could see the SD on all of the EDTV displays at a measured seven feet....and we looked at everything for close to seven months (she is now completely insane from the experience, but that's another story :D )

It was not the most expensive unit we auditioned but it was/and is the best IMO and circumstances. Zero problems, zero bad pixels, nothing but pure enjoyment.


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