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Xander H

May 2, 2005
So right now I've got all the speakers I want, the receiver I want, a nice DVD player, soon a decent Blu-Ray player in my PS3...got all the wires I want, life is good so far.

This march, come birthday time, I'll have the cash to finally get my subwoofer...life will be even better.

However, I'm still using this 35" SD television...just a regular old hum drum 300 buck TV I bought two years ago. It's great and all, but my entertainment center is just PERFECT for a nice flat panel TV and it would make my whole little "theater" perfect.

So I'm aiming to pick up an HDTV by next Xmas (2007) or the march after that (2008) and I'm trying to figure out what kind of TV I'm gonna get. I'm going to try and stay in the 1000-1200 dollar range and I've been doing some research...and of course in a year it's very possible to see some price drops, or to keep a close eye out for sales, etc. It'd be great to find a nice bargain...I just don't know what I'm going to need to shoot for.

Should I look at DLP or Plasma or LCD? What size would fit in that price range? 45 inches? 50 inches? Should I go for 1080p or sacrifice the resolution for inches?

I'm not really sure the benefits of say LCD over Plasma, but I hear that DLP is not the way to go. Why is that?

Of course I'd love to get a nice 60 inch 1080p Plasma, but that's probably not realistic so what am I looking for? What should I keep my eye on? What kind of price drops are going to be coming in the following year?

Thanks a lot for humoring me!

Marty M

Senior HTF Member
Dec 6, 1998
Things are moving so quickly that I think it is difficult to predict what the TV market will be in th next few months, let alone, a year from now. If I were you, I would start doing some general research, like you are doing, but wouldn't do any serious research until I got a few months away from actually making a purchase. IMO, things will be changing that quickly.

We can give you our opinions of what we think is the best for the money as of this date, but it would only be a semi-intelligent guess as to what will be the best in a year or more away from now.


Senior HTF Member
Aug 19, 2002

You're talking 12-15 months from now!? I mean, not much to say. That's a long time from now, any specifics you learn now will be obsolete by then. I would just work on becoming a critical viewer, explore what's out there now, what you like and why you like it, etc. But beyond that things are moving pretty fast, impossible to give any specific kinds of advice.

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