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    I'm in the planning stages for a new Home Theatre, using a basement room 18'x 14'x 7'8". Build out of the room will need to occur.
    I've browsed quite a bit though the forum, and have picked up very helpful information regarding acoustics and build suggestions. (Thanks to all!) I plan on incorporating the suggestions where financially feasible. I anticipate spending an additional $10,000.00 for needed equipment and build out.

    I presently have a Toshiba SD-6200 DVD, Harmon Kardon AVR26-II A/V receiver, a pair of Paradigm Studio/20 speakers, and a pair of Paradigm Atom speakers. I purchased this equipment a few years back, and now want to incorporate these items into a home theatre set up. I know I need a subwoofer, and I plan on purchasing a Mitsubishi WS-55711 or an Hitachi 57GWX20B HDTV.

    The home theatre will get heavy family use, i.e. early teens and a 7 year old will also use it, so I will have digital cable supplied.

    Question 1: Am I on the right track, considering that I am willing to spend money (wisely) for needed build out and equipment?

    Question 2: Is my present equipment terribly outdated, assuming I want good-to-great performance for multiple family users?

    Question 3: Do any of you have suggestions regarding the subwoofer and/or TV?

    Thanks for any input!
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    If this is a dedicated room, I would suggest hiring a HT consultant to spec out the room and acoustic treatments. Quite a few people have been pleased with this company's services. There are so many things that can be overlooked that I think the $1-2k spent would be well worth it.
    1) Equipment looks good. The large majority of that $10k should go toward the room (IMO).
    2) If you want the newest surround format, the equipment is always going to be outdated after 6 months. Personally, I feel my 5.1 channel system is perfectly adequate for my needs (Paradigm ref, Denon receiver, etc.). You will get a much larger bang/buck by building the room correctly (vs. upgrading components). Also, buying a new receiver down the road is an easy switch... replacing walls or wiring is not.
    3) Both TVs listed are popular choices. Again, if this is a dedicated room have you considered front projection? If you go the RPTV route, be sure to check out threads dealing with backlighting and mattes (which will improve perceived black level and contrast). As for subwoofers, I'd look at SVS, Hsu and Adire (if DIY is not an option).

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