Planet of the Apes Evolution Sound Question

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    I got the POA Box as a gift a few months ago. I just watched Escape POA last night. (Ive been busy so Ive been slow in watchiong the set). Ive never seen these movies before and was wondering how the sound differed when these were filmed.

    POA, Beneath were in stereo

    The rest were in mono

    The films in stereo came before Escape, Conquest and Battle.

    Whats going on here?

    BTW I dont have the box with me so I might be wrong on the titles and which ones were stereo.

    Thanks, Matt
  2. Peter Apruzzese

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    They were all in mono in their original theatrical releases. I imagine Fox had access to clean "stems" from Planet and Beneath in order to make the stereo tracks, thought they don't sound particularly great.

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