PIP Setup question?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Mark__T, Oct 3, 2004.

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    Basic situation.

    hdtv digital cable set top box. (Comcast)
    Panasonic PT-40LC12 TV
    Pioneer VSX-D711 Receiver.

    When I had just a digital cable box I was able to use my PiP with no problems.

    Now the 2nd picture comes in as all fuzz. Its the same fuzz I would get if the TV wasn't set to channel 4. If I make it the main screen and move the channels up & down-it won't even allow channel 4.

    ok I am still a little confused. I havde an HD box (Motorola DCT5100)
    I bought a splitter. TV is a 2 tuner Panasonic PT-40LC12. So I was ready to have cable from wall go into splitter and one cable go from splitter to TV and other go to the cable box in. But that leaves "To VCR/TV connection with no place to go, because there is only 1 RF connection on the back of TV and we already have a cable from splitter going there. Do I need a 3 way splitter or am I missing something? I do not have a VCR. How can I get my PIP to work? Please explain what setup I can use.

  2. Geraldine/F/M

    Jun 2, 2004
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    try this:

    cable from wall to splitter
    coax from splitter to hd box
    component & audio cables from hd box to tv
    coax from splitter to tv (channels 2 to 99)
    audio cables from tv to recv

    good luck[​IMG]

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