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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Ryan Peddle, Jul 25, 2007.

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    I just throught I would start a discussion thread pertain to some of the great PiP commentary tracks that HDDVD (and hopefully soon Bluray) are offering.

    As most of us know, '300' comes out on 31/07/2007 and will feature PiP commentary track that is supposed to be excellent. I for one am thuroughly look forward to this feature and hope that it is as good as many of the early reviews are making it our to be.

    But 300 is not the only film to have a great PiP commentary track. I have just finished watching The Bourne Supremacy PiP commentary and it is extremely entertaining and informative. The thing I like more about it is it is very screen specific. It is basically a montage of cuts and extended cuts from some of the featurettes all pieced together and very well edited. It runs the complete length of the film and there literally is not one second of dead air. It even features little countdowns to certain more signifacant parts of the film and is is a little more comprehensive for these parts. I could not recommend this commentary enough.

    Another great PiP commentary track is M I 3. This is more your traditional commentary which has the director and Tom Cruise sitting together and watching the film and going over their experiences and how they made the scene. The unique part in this track is that there are times where the director will ask to have the film stopped and then will play he will swithc the main screen to a blooper or deleted section, and then will have them both play simutaneously so that you can see the difference.

    Batman Begins also has a great commentary track very similar to the Bourne Supremacy, but not nearly as polished.

    What other PiP commentary tracks have you found enjoyable?
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    for M:I:3 I thought it was cool how they would stop the film to talk more and how you could, at certain times, hit a button to see additional footage for as for the actual commentary I watched about 30 minutes of it and was getting annoyed.

    It seems that nothing was really planned and they were both talking over the other. Tom would say "Oh I love this part" and then focus on that while the director is trying to talk about something else and then Tom comes back in 2 minutes later talking about that previous scene completely interrupting the director and it had nothing to do with what the director was saying.

    Anyway, only my take after 30 minutes...the way they set it up was cool though.
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    I answered this on AVS but since I have this passion for PiP commentaries on Warner and Universal titles, I must answer here too..... [​IMG]

    My faves:
    Bourne Supremacy
    Children of Men
    Batman Begins
    MI 3 (the only non-Warner/Universal)
    Charlie/Choc Factory
    King Kong (in place of audio commentary, I'll take it)
    Miami Vice (really enjoyed this one...love Michael Mann's passion)
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    Ditto on the MI-3 PiP. Might just be my favorite so far. [​IMG]

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