Pioneer VSX815 vs Panasonic SAXR70s

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by RichAS, Mar 25, 2005.

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    Ok this is my first post on here. I am in the market for a complete home theater (speakers, receivers, TV, etc). I will leave the TV decision for later - all I can say for sure is that it will be HDTV capable since I subscribe to DISH satellite service and will be getting HD package.

    I've also made up my mind on speaker - its Klipsch. I am a die-hard fan of their horns and have their reference series all the way around - surround - Rs3, center RC35, l/r rf35 because of larger woofer size, and my sub is a yamaha (more power and deeper bass).

    Now I am undecided and asking for opinions on receivers.
    I have ruled out the Denon 2805, and 3805 based on price, as well as HK AVR7300. Ideally the Onkyo NR1000 would be my choice but its too expensive right now due to being 1st kid on block with all that technology thats new. I was considering Yamaha rx757 but with only 2 component inputs I said forget it since I can easily think of 3 needed and it costs about twice as much as those listed below.

    That left me with Panasonic SAXR70s and Pioneer vsx815 both over 100 watts. The panasonic (100 watts) is new and is 6.1 system with only 2 component inputs (and no up conversion) but has HDMI input and output for about $350 online. I figure the HDMI makes up for only 2 component inputs.

    The Pioneer vsx815 (120 watts) is also new but its a 7.1 systems and has 3 component inputs (no up conversion and no HDMI) and is about $300 online.

    It seems the panasonic is slightly more expensive becuase of HDMI connections available which my TV might have but my HD satellite receiver only offers component at this time.

    Any thoughts, reviews, rumors, opinions would be greatly appreciated. The plan is to buy this receiver for about 5 years until all newer ones in 2010 have HDMI standard and then connect all my sources (satellite, dvd, etc) using HDMI at that time. So for now I am keeping cost of receiver down but willing to spend on speakers and TV.
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    The Klipsch with their high sensitivity will be easy to drive, but both receivers will lean towards a brighter sonic signature and coupled with the brighter sound of the horns might be too much depending on the room. Of course, you won't know it until you try it and your tastes might favor that kind of sound as well.

    My instincts would say the Panasonic will be a better sounding receiver overall because its clean, detailed sound is hard to beat in that price range, but the Pioneer will probably have more set-up flexibilty(such as crossover options and inputs).

    I would try to demo them at a retailer, preferably with speakers similiar to the ones you will get, so you can get an idea which sound you prefer.

    Good luck,


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