Pioneer VSX-1015TX-K Receiver

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by TerenceClarke, Jul 2, 2005.

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    Terence Clarke
    Hi Folks,

    Trying to get some feedback on the Pioneer VSX-1015TX-K 7.1 Channel AV Receiver. I currently own a VSX-D811S and think it's time to upgrade, more Power 120 watts, THX Select 2, Video Upconversion, 7.1 channel. I've seen the ads and specification sheets on the 1015TX, but I would like some real world reviews, and recommendations on maybe another brand/model - Denon, Yamaha, Onkyo.

    I tried looking for Magazine reviews on the the 1015TX but no luck yet. Anybody know where I could find some?

    My current HT config is as follows:
    Pioneer VSX-D811S AV Receiver
    RCA P61960 61" Rear Projection TV
    Denon DVM2815 5-disk DVD Changer
    Denon DCM380 5-disk CD Changer
    RCA DX402RA DirecTV Sat Receiver
    RCA SCT-520 Dual Cassette Deck
    Panasonic PV-V4522 Hi-Fi Stereo 4-Head VCR
    Sony PS-1 Semi-Automatic Turntable
    1 x Infinity Primus C25 Center
    2 x Infinity Primus 250 Floor Standing Front L&R
    4 x Infinity Primus 160 Bookshelf (SR+SL & BR+BL)
    1 x JBL PB12 250 watt Sub-Woofer
    Technics SB-LX90K 15" 3-way speakers (used as speaker B on the VSX-D811S AV Receiver - holdover from my old Stereo days, still sound good)

  2. Wayne Ernst

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    I believe one of the home theater magazines did a review on the Elite 52TX last year. The 52TX is quite similar to the 1014 and the 1015 has only received slight modifications.

    See this site for links to reviews
  3. MikeyWeitz

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    Feb 10, 2002
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    I went from an 811 to a 1014 back in March. Night and day. No comparison. 101x OWNS the 811.
    The thin souding amps in the 811 are LONG gone with the 101x.
    Used to have to have loudness on ALWAYS with the 811.
    never had it on with the 1014.
    Add MCACC, better crossover, higher bandwidth Comp jacks, DPLIIx, 7.2, it is a no brainer. Just buy it, you will be very happy with it :)
    1015 is just newer version of 1014 with some more features. AMps, DACs identical.

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