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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by TerenceClarke, Jun 19, 2005.

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    Hi Folks,

    Trying to get some feedback on the Pioneer VSX-1015TX-K 7.1 Channel AV Receiver. I currently own a Pioneer VSX-D811S and think it's time to upgrade. I've seen the ads and specification sheets on the 1015TX, but I would like some real world reviews.

    I tried looking for Magazine reviews but no luck yet. Anybody know where I could find some?

    My current HT configuration is as follows:
    Pioneer VSX-D811S AV Receiver
    RCA P61960 61" Rear Projection TV
    Denon DVM2815 5-disk DVD Changer
    Denon DCM380 5-disk CD Changer
    RCA DX402RA DirecTV Sat Receiver
    RCA SCT-520 Dual Cassette Deck
    Sony PS-1 Semi-Automatic Turntable
    Infinity Primus C25 Center
    Infinity Primus 250 Floor Standing Front L&R
    Infinity Primus 160 Surrounds (2 x SR+SL also 2 x BR + BL)
    JBL PB12 12" 250watt Sub-Woofer
    Technics SB-LX90K 15" 3-way speakers (used as speaker B on AV Receiver)

    Really could use some advice.
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    There aren't any. The 1015 is an upgrade to the 1014tx, which is a clone of the Pioneer Elite 52tx. There's a review of the Pioneer Elite 52tx in home theater magazine, its on their website.

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