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  1. Ray R

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    Jun 28, 2000
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    Aliens have taken my wife and replaced her with a replica. I had pretty much settled on getting a 46" mits for cost and size reason, until this weekend. While discussing up coming major purchases I mentioned the 46" mits. I was just trying to grease the skids when she replied, "Is that the one you want? You should get the one you want since we will probably have it for a while".
    Now I'm thinking 53" Pioneer(non-elite). I noticed the new model is due out in August and has several improvements. Do these improvements address all the issues with the current 53" set? Is this set worth the money or should I look at Toshiba or Panasonic?
  2. Chris Sigua

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    Feb 16, 2001
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    Hi Ray
    I had the same thought a couple of weeks ago but it was between the Tosh and the Pioneer. Had lots of great input that swayed me toward the Tosh. I do understand that the newer Pioneers non-Elite are suppose to get the same line doublers as the Elite.
    Checkout the thread: Tosh 65H80 or Pioneer SD-582HD5
  3. Michael TLV

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    Mar 16, 2000
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    Michael Chen
    The biggest drawback of the current non-Elite pioneers is the line doubler. Awful. Much worse than the other sets on the market. [​IMG]
    Michael @ The Laser Video Experience
  4. John_Pech

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    Mar 7, 2001
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    Ray, if you're interested, our store is not too far from you and we sell both Pioneer/Pioneer Elite and Toshiba. If you'd like to see both in the same environment we can arrange it for you. And we are usually cheaper than anyone else on both products.
    You can also call us toll free at:
    1-877-domani-0 (1-877-366-2640)
    and speak with Joey, Adam, or myself.
    Best regards,
    John Pechulis
    Domani Entertainment Systems
    801 Scranton/Carbondale Highway
    Eynon, Pa.
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