Pioneer new DV-747 Progressive DVD Player w/Multichannel SACD &DVD-A Feature List-

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    The following pictures were taken by Oliver Font at the German IFA. I am hosting these on my server.
    I name brand DVD player that seems to does it all. (If they release a PAL progressive hack, and no chroma bug that will be the icing on the cake)
    The following list has been translated so bear with it [​IMG]
    The configuration in the detail Design features:
    -DVD player for DVD Video, DVD Audio & SACD
    -compatible with CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW
    -playback of MP3-Files on CD
    -Twin Wave lasers Pick UP
    -Separations Audio & Video modules
    -Digitally DATA off
    -Aluminum front panel
    Operating features:
    -Graphic user guide with set UP navigator
    -Multilingual on screen display (D, GB, F, I, E)
    -MP3-Navigator for CD ROM
    -Screen Saver (display bildschirmschoner)
    -DOT matrix display (disconnectible, dimmers)
    -16:9 display format switching
    -DVD safety device for children
    Playback functions:
    -Manual search / title retrieval
    -Direct title selection
    -3 repeat functions
    -Coincidence playback (random Play)
    -Playing with the skipping of titles (Skip)
    -Programmed playback (24 title/sections)
    Other features:
    -PAL / NTSC adjustment in the readiness mode
    -Lit up Jog & Joy remote maintenance
    -Dimensions (BxHxT): 420 x bbb x CCC mm
    Configuration features:
    -Integrated decoder for Dolby digital & DTS of
    -Integrated decoders for DVD audio & Multichannel SACD
    -10-bit / 27 mc/s video D/A transducer (for FBAS & Y/C)
    -10-bit / 54 mc/s video D/A transducer (for RGB & YUV)
    -192 kHz / 24-Bit audio D/A transducer
    -Legato PRO (4 digital filters)
    -Hi bit (dynamic extension from 16 bits to 24 bits)
    -Pure Cinema Progressive Scan (24 Frames/Sec.)
    -Motion Adaptive Progressive Scan (30 Frames/Sec.)
    -Progressive Scan Converter PRO2
    -Block Noise Reducer
    -Mosquito Noise Reducer
    -Component Frame DNR Pro (YNR, CNR)
    -54 MHz Super Fine Focus Digital Filter
    -Trick Play Prozessor (TPP) / Reverse Playback (16MB memory)
    -Video Parameter Setup
    -Condition Memory (15 DVD) / Last Memory (5 DVD)
    -Bit Rate Display (via OSD)
    -Variable Dynamic Compression
    -SRS TruSurround
    Connection types:
    -Component output (Y, Pb, Pr, coaxially), suitably for 525P
    -s-video-output (Hoside) (two-way)
    -Composite video output (coaxial) (two-way)
    -Dolby digital / DTS / MPEG-2 / PCM output (coaxial & optical)
    -6-Channel-Ausgang for DVD audio and SACD
    -similar to audio output (two-way)
    -Scart Eingang/Ausgang for RGB, s-video, Composite
    -Scart output for RGB, s-video, Composite
    -link for system remote maintenance (SR)
    -Gold Plated Terminals
    Sony And Phillips also mention the player in their press release here (in German)-
    Spero D.
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    Hmmmm.....and I was thinking on getting a DV-38A. I'll wait a bit longer and get the U.S. version. I like the idea of having M-SACD and DVD-A in one player.
  3. Filip Lingier

    Jan 17, 1999
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    Last I heard, this player converted the DSD stream from a SACD to PCM before playback...
  4. Trevor Schell

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    Nice!..How much does it weigh.
    My HomeTheater S.E. Sonically Enhanced
    *Outdated new pictures
    due to recent upgrades!
    **Equipment list current
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