Pioneer MCACC vs Radio Shack SPL

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    Jan 11, 2003
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    I have been checking these boards for a long time and have tried to digest a lot of info on HT. I have been weighing the difference between the Denon 4802 and the Pioneer vsx47tx. I have listened to both a long time ago and at 2 different stores-hard to compare sound and I was impressed with both. One question what else does the MCACC do that an SPL meter does not? Would the results be the same if I used the SPL on the Pioneer along with the AVIA disc?
    I am going for 7.1 surround sound with B&W 804's,HTM and CCM80 in cieling speakers.

  2. BobRoulier

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    Mar 16, 2002
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    Tom I own a pioneer elite 49tx receiver the mcacc does auto setup for instance, speaker size(large or small), speaker distance, and speaker level and you can do the same thing with a spl meter.
    There are some things the spl cannot do that mcacc does very well
    speaker alignment
    timber matching (works very well for unmatched speakers as well as matched speakers)
    acoustical 9 band adjustable eq
    Personally I have home demoed some nice pre pros (krell showcase, classe ssp 30, and tag maclaren av32r) all these pre pros had a slightly better sound quality than the pioneer but none could match the speaker alignment and timber matching that the pioneer does its amazing and some might say they have all the same speakers that match anyways it doesn't matter you could not place them your self better than the computer software digitally aligns them
    for example you know when you are listening to a nice two channel system and you can see and hear the voice in the middle of the speakers you would swear the center channel is on! well with mcacc all of my 7 speakers have that same effect but its also a seamless sound field (7 channel stereo) between my mains and my surrounds about 10' distance paradigm studio 100s and mirage bipolar towers you get the same effect as the mains if I look to the right between the right front and right surround in the middle you would swear their was a center channel there. No spl can do that. I basically decided to hang on the 49tx for that main reason (and the host of features)for now if any of those pre pros offered this software I would rather have a dedicated pre pro over a receiver Im not stupid. I just think in my room, my gear the pioneer sounds great and I don't want to give that up right now[​IMG]
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    Use the receiver's built in set-up system; the Pioneer engineers know WAY more than any $50 SPL meter.
    BTW, about that center channel thing. Presently I have no center channel speaker myself (waiting for tax refund) and using my $425/pair Boston CR9 speakers (1998 models), Technics SA-DA8 receiver and no meter of any kind, all center channel info seems to emanate exactly from the center of the TV screen. Why would using a SPL meter have anything to do with this phenomena?
    I think this constant hand-wringing over speaker levels/SPL meters is getting out of hand and causes needless worry, especially for people new to HT. [​IMG]
    So what happens if when you finally get to watch a movie, & you don't sit where you made the final measurements??? "Sorry Grandma, you're in my spot. Shove it on over!"

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