Pioneer Inno worth a buy

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by Gerard Martin, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Gerard Martin

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    May 22, 2000
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    Insterested in sound quality, receiption, battery life, if a antenna earplug necessary. Pro and Con appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Stu Rosen

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    Jan 27, 1999
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    Sound quality's very good; reception surprisingly good, though I'd definitely spring for the antenna headphones just to cover spotty areas. Nicely designed unit, though software has some odd features (i.e., when you go to "My Music" - for recorded stuff, it automatically plays where you left off, rather than giving you a choice).

    Battery life is not an issue for me, since I dock it for use other than when I'm commuting. One drag is, like iPods, this stays on in standy mode even when turned off, and I've had the battery run out just sitting in my suitcase on a long business trip. I've now bought another AC adaptor to plug into the travel kit plug that comes with the Inno (AC goes into wall, other end goes into adaptor, adaptor goes into side of Inno) so that will cease to be a problem.

    You have 4 presets, but navigation to hit any station or genre of stations is pretty quick and easy.

    My digital music is mostly AAC (Apple) and is not compatible until I convert to MP3s. That's a disadvantage for me, but may not be for others.

    I've been able to get rid of one unit at work, as I use this now with a home kit at work (with an additional home kit at home).

    Scheduling recordings is easy, but for scheduled recordings you must be docked in a home dock. If it's recording for you you can't turn on the unit without it disrupting the recording - again, a little odd.

    Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase (got it cheap, too, through an XM friends & family offer). It's not perfect, but it's a very, very nice product.

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