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May 8, 2001
OK, I've been upgrading and not selling the old stuff..my credit cards are catching up to me and it is time to get on top of the ebay game. Before I post on ebay, I thought I'd give you nice people a chance first.
I've got 1 NIB Pioneer TZ-F700 speaker tower. Yes 1 speaker. They retailed for $3500 a pair new. You can get a nice companion for this lonely fellow on ubid or ebay for around $300+$50 to $100 shipping. Or you could get another couple pair and have a wonderful 5 speaker full range system. Make me an offer on this NIB completely unopened speaker or $250+shipping takes it.
Also, I've got a used pair of Infinity Overture 1 speakers. These are very nice small, efficient speakers. I used them as my surrounds for 2 years. Perfect working condition. Only minor surface scratches from placement on spiked speaker stands. Includes grills in perfect condition. Make me an offer on this pair or $450+shipping take em now.
Speaking of those spiked speaker stands, I need to sell them as well. These are NICE audiophile quality stands with cord hiding and sand filling ability. They are black, very heavy, and spiked on top for speaker and bottom for floor. If you are interested I will try to find the brand and model info, but they retail for $200 for the pair. $90 + shipping OBO.
Last but not least, Energy...I've got a pair of the Take 2 speakers. I used them for 2 years as front effect speakers in a Yamaha system. Short story is....they are BARELY used and in perfect cosmetic and working condition. Make me an offer, I don't know what they go for..probably $85 plus shipping?
On any of this stuff, provide documentation that they regularly sell for less and you've got a deal...I didn't spend hours researching the value of these things.
Thanks for your time, I'll be out of town but checking email all this week. I can ship em as soon as this weekend if we strike a deal.

Grady Hollums

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Oct 24, 1999
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Todd you have an email about the Infinity Speakers.
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