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    Mar 7, 2002
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    What does the elite models have that the regualar models don't beside the extra power? Because if it's a power thing I'm not that interested in that. My thing is sound quality.
    What's the difference between these 2 models.
    Pionner Elite vsx-41
    Pioneer vsx-d811s
    They both have 6.1 with the 7.1 upgrade so besides xtra watts, what makes the elite better?
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    Mar 13, 2001
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    LaMarcus, do a search over the past month's posts and you should find a thread or two on this subject. I think what was stated is that there is little build difference between the two - i.e. they use the same type of amplification technology and DACs. The 41 does have Re-EQ and a remote with an LCD screen at the top so there are a few feature differences.


  3. Stephen Hopkins

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    Jul 19, 2002
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    The 41 also has 2 digital outputs, as opposed to only 1 on the 811S. This is most likely splitting hairs.
    There are also some other appearance differences. The 41 also has the older style amber display, instead of the newer blue-ish white display on the 811. The 41 has a blue power LED, the 811S has an orange power LED. The 41 has a high gloss black finish, the 811S has a brushed black finish. Other than what i've mentioned, and the fact that the 41 has the Elite and Re-Eq logo on it, all other markings are the same.
    None of these differences would cause even an inkling of difference in sound quality. The power difference wouldn't even be noticeable, since to increase your volume 3db, you have to DOUBLE your amplification.
    I have seen a post on here saying that other than the amplification stage, the inner build was exactly the same, and the 811S even has the RE-EQ feature built into the unit, but it is disabled. I'm hopping some one out there smarter than me figures out a simple hack that will enable RE-EQ on the 811S (hint hint out there all you electrical engineers!) [​IMG]
    I have the 811S and love it, but if the 41 had been out when i was purchasing, i may have got it instead, depending on if i'd had another $200 laying around... which i usually don't.

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