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Pioneer DVL-919 DVD and LD Player For Sale! (1 Viewer)

Gregg Loewen

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Nov 9, 1999
New England
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Gregg Loewen
Im selling this for a friend. It is a combo DVD and LD player, in excellent (awesome) condition. It comes with box, manual, and remote.
This unit can decode DD and DTS for both DVD and LDs. To have DD on LDs you will need a demodulator (as with all players). The 919 can also be modified (for about $10) to be region free and macrovision free and is an easy to do mod.
Price is $485 plus your choice of shipping. This unit will ship from CT, and will go out as soon as payment is received.
PS: if you need a demod I have some Sony SDP800s that are still in their new/ sealed boxes for $150 each. Drop me an email if interested.
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Ned Vogler

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Jan 12, 1999
How old is this unit? How does it compare to the 909, 700 and 91?
I will find out date of manufacture (and purchase date if I can) and get back to you.
This unit is TONS better than the DVL-700. I had one back in 1997 when DVD first came out. It was a first generation model, didn't have DTS out and had some issues with certain DVDs.
The DVL-909 (MSRP $1275) was the replacement to the 700 and basically added component video outs, a 10-bit Video DAC and a 96k/20-bit Audio DAC.
The DVL-919 (MSRP $1275) is the successor to the 909 and adds DTS out, a 96k/24-bit Audio DAC and a 3-line digital comb filter.
The Elite DVL-91 ($1800 MSRP) was the Elite combi player available around the same time as the DVL-909. It has those lovely rosewood side panels, a copper chassis and gold plated terminals.
I'll post the dates tomorrow.

Ned Vogler

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 12, 1999
The purchase date for my Pioneer DVL-919 combi player is June 1999 which makes it a bit over two years old. I bought it after having my previous DVL-700 for a little over two years. As Gregg stated in his previous post, it is in excellent condition and comes with all the original packaging, literature and remote control. If I didn't mention it before, it also plays VCDs and will output a true 96kHz/24-bit signal for high resolution music playback.
The unit has not gotten much use over the last 6-8 months as I have been using a progressive scan player to watch my DVDs.
The only reason I was keeping it was in order to watch my laserdiscs and I hardly ever watch those any more (thanks to anamorphic DVD.
This is definitely a "low mileage" piece.
Please feel free to e-mail myself or Gregg if you have any additional questions or require any additional information.
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