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Pioneer DVD movie defect / contact / return fiasco! (1 Viewer)

Eric Huffstutler

Oct 2, 1999
Richmond, VA
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Eric Huffstutler
Let me just start out saying that I am quite angered and frustrated because I have a defective DVD but the studio... well...

As you may or may not know, Pioneer Entertainment USA no longer exists. All of their titles (included Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Elite brand titles)were sold off to a Japanese company that specialized in anime. The parent company is Dentsi, Inc but US distribution is named Geneon Entertainment USA. If you do a search their offices are in Long Beach, CA (310-952-2000) but answer the phones Pioneer. I spent 10 minutes on hold only to be switched about to the wrong departments. Finally after calling the same number back I asked for Geneon and the person said they had to get permission to transfer the call!!!

OK, finally I spoke with someone name Donna who informed me that Geneon does not have a customer service or return center to handle defects and customers have to contact the retailers. Guess we who don't have original receipts are screwed!?!?!

Apparently the whole Pioneer / Elite Entertainment takeover has been a farce and a nightmare for consumers and they make it hard to contact them. Anyone have suggestions?

The title I am having problems with is Britannic which they still sell under their banner. Audio breaks up and then drops out altogether during the WWI and launch sequences.



Senior HTF Member
Feb 18, 2004
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The worst part being that PIONEER/LDCA were always so good about returns, stemming from the early days of the "Laser Rot" fiasco. :frowning: I still have somewhere an instruction sheet on how to return a defective LD to Pioneer. Strange that this policy [which was always a Pioneer selling point] has not carried through. Is there some other link in the distribution chain you can contact?

Otherwise, my advice is to send a letter to Dentsu Japanese HQ and complain in the bitterest terms, and to get anyone else who has similar issues to do so as well.

Glenn Overholt

Senior HTF Member
Mar 24, 1999
Don't be bitter. Politely express your frustration. I once emailed a Japanesse site about something. Their page was all in Japanesse and I couldn't understand anything, but I just wrote it out in English and got a reply (in English)a few days later.

You just might have to wait for a new release on that, though. It reminds me of the infamous Ginsu Knives on TV. They had a lifetime guarantee, which just made me laugh because I knew that all they had to do was to fold up.

...and they did just that! Several years later, the ad popped up on TV agin, but this time it was the Ginsu II.


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