Pioneer DV-525 - Making multi-region ?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Everett Painter, Nov 5, 2002.

  1. Everett Painter

    Apr 25, 2000
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    While looking for an online version of the owner's manual for this player I stumbled upon directions to use the remote to give this player the ability to read discs of other regions.

    Is anyone familiar with this process for this specific player? Is this a safe process (ie, will it have any impact on performance)? Also, it looks like you have to manually select the particular region you want each this correct or can you make it trully multi-regional?
  2. Yee-Ming

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    Apr 4, 2002
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    Yee Ming Lim
    all I can say is that Pioneer players sold in Singapore come already adapted for multi-region, i.e. no manual resetting each time if you change regions, and they can handle RCE too.

    my guess is if the remote hack works, it should be all right. performance shouldn't be affected since the only thing changed is the start-up sequence when the player first reads the disc to check for region compatibility.

    but what do I know, my Pioneer players (DV-535K and DV-233)are already region-free...
  3. MickeS

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    Jul 24, 2000
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    I have a Pioneer DV-525, and I gave up on trying to hack it...

    I have never found a remote-hack for the Pioneer DV-525, and I looked everywhere. If you find one that works, please let me know.

    Be aware though that you also need to make sure that you can play PAL discs, if you're planning on playing region 2 discs at least. I'm not sure that the US version of the DV-525 can even output a PAL signal. The non-US versions have a PAL/NTSC/Auto switch on the back of the player, but that switch is missing on the US version.

    In Europe, most TV's can handle both PAL and NTSC, but here in the US it's very rare to have a TV that can show PAL. You'll need some kind of converter, if you can get it to play a PAL disc in the first place.

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