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Pioneer CLD-D703 mechanical issue (1 Viewer)


Nov 12, 2018
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I picked this up off of eBay, local pickup, no shipping involved. The story was that it needed a new laser. Plugged in, I heard a noise like "I'm trying to work" when a disc would be inserted for about 10 seconds, straining, then the tray would eject.
I took the cover off the unit and found that the rectangular metal frame holding the laser that raises when a disc is inserted then slightly tilts back, would raise but not to the top and this was where the "I think I can I think I can" noise was coming from. I helped it up the slightest bit with my finger and it reached the top, locked into place, tilted slightly back and the player started playing perfectly. Side B plays perfectly, laser flips over, everything is good.
For the life of me, eyeballing it, I cannot tell where the mechanism is that raises/lowers the rectangular metal frame so that I can look for possible areas to grease or for anything that might be rubbing which is keeping the motor from getting that metal frame all the way to the top on it's own.
Any ideas on the best way to troubleshoot/grease that lift/lower mechanism? I'm assuming there are metal shafts that need greasing and white plastic gears that need greasing as well.
The motor appears to be strong like bull and capable of getting the frame up to the spot where it can lock in and tilt back.
Is there a standard grease here, grease there protocol for these machines?

David Norman

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Oct 12, 2001
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Kurtis Bahr is pretty much one of the very few people left who know these players inside out

The last email I had for him was
[email protected]

or you can register and try to get in contact with either him or a poster name grasshopper who is also excellent.
They might be able to walk you through some simple repairs or suggest a different solution.
I think both of these folks do LD work as a hobby so it's not their main day job, but they are pretty much the experts on putting Humpty Dumpty together and getting working Pioneers

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