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Pioneer CLD -503 AC3 modded and my entire LD collection $200.00 (1 Viewer)

Chris Sherman

Second Unit
Nov 30, 1998
For sale Pioneer CLD-503 lasedisc player in excellent condition. The player has had the AC3 ( Dolby Digital) modification , (coaxial digital output) , dual side play , separate trays for laserdiscs and cd's. I have original box , remote control, and owners manual. I will include my remaining laserdiscs.
Star Wars THX
Return Of The Jedi THX
Empire Strikes Back THX
Once Were Warriors Criterion
Jackie Brown DD
Johnny Handsome
Romeo Is Bleeding
Courage Under Fire DD
Wings Of The Dove DD
Kiss Of Death
Primal Fear DD
Cape Fear
The Long Riders

All discs widescreen in mint shape with plastic cover sleeves. Reduced price.
$175.00 for all Plus UPS or Fed Ex ground from 23294.
Money orders or paypal. Shipping to lower 48 states only please. I'm on the good trader list here and my ebay user id is cdsherman for more references. The Star Wars THX
(faces) Trilogy alone often goes for $100.00 on ebay. They are out of print and George Lucas says he will never again release these versions, which are the ones originally seen by everyone in the theater. He instead will only release the digitally "enhanced versions" like the SE laserdiscs last released. These are your last chance to see Star Wars the way you did in 1977.
Thanks for looking ,
Chris Sherman [/IMG]

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