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    Pioneer Elite DV-47ai


    This one's a "no brainer". Its dual i-Link outputs pass both new and exciting multi-channel music formats (DVD-Audio, SACD) in the digital domain to a receiver (like our VSX-49TXi) with a single cable, for unprecedented purity and convenience. As an audio player, the DV-47Ai plays DVD Audio, multi-channel SACD (Super Audio CD), CD, CD-R, and MP3 discs, ensuring compatibility with all key audio formats for years to come. Triple 192kHz/24bit audio DACs, six-channel audio output, and the latest in surround decoding provide a truly stunning audio performance. And as a video player, the DV-47Ai plays DVD-Video and DVD-R/RW, and features 108MHz/12-bit video processing and Pioneer's PureCinema progressive scan for a spectacular visual experience. Bass Management lets you control the amount of bass sent to your speakers, for better multi-channel sound (and added speaker protection). The Elite two-year warranty applies.


    Video Performance Features:
    PureCinema Progressive Scan (2-3 Pulldown)
    108MHz/12bit Video DAC for high-quality DVD pictures
    Twin-Wave Laser Pickup for CD/Video CD/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/RW (DVD Video Format) Playback
    Super-Fine Focus Filter with 4:4:4 Video Up-sampling
    16 Video Parameter Adjustments w/3 User Memories (Progressive Motion, PureCinema (on, off, Auto),YNR, CNR, Mosquito NR, Block NR, Sharpness High, Sharpness Mid, Detail, White level, Black Level, Gamma, Black Setup, Hue, Chroma Level, Chroma Delay)
    3 Factory Video Settings (CRT/PDP/Professional)
    Pioneer Exclusive Viterbi Error Correction with Accurate Digital Servo for Superior Reading Accuracy
    Trick Play Processor for Smooth Scanning
    Still/Step Play (Forward/Reverse, Except VCD Reverse)
    Slow Motion Playback (Except VCD Reverse)

    Audio Performance Features:
    i.Link (Advanced Resolution Digital Audio Interface) Audio Output
    Multi-channel DVD Audio Playback
    Multi-channel SACD Playback (1 bit)
    MP3 Playback Capability
    Bass Management
    Triple 192KHz/24-bit (3x2 channel) Audio DAC's for Superior Sound Quality
    Legato Pro Conversion
    Dolby® Digital and dts® Digital Outputs
    Dolby® Digital and dts® Decoders

    Convenience Features:
    New Advanced GUI (Graphic User Interface) with Set-up Navigator
    Jog and Joystick Remote with Glow-in-the-Dark Keypad
    Resume Function (DVD, Video CD)
    Repeat Mode
    Program Play
    Random Play

    Output Terminals:
    Component Video (Y, Cr, Cb) Output x 1 (Gold Plated)
    S-Video (S2 Compatible) x 2 (Gold Plated)
    Composite Video Output x 2 (Gold Plated)
    Parallel S-Video/Composite/Component Video Outputs
    Dolby® Digital/dts®/LPCM Coaxial Output x 1
    Dolby® Digital/dts®/LPCM Optical Output x 1
    Analog Output x 1 (Gold Plated)
    6 Channel Audio Output x 1
    Digital Audio Output (i.Link) Connection (for AV Receivers)
    Pioneer SR (System Remote IN/OUT)

    Triple-Layered Chassis for Chassis Stability
    Removable Power Cord

    2 Years parts and labor
    3 Year Firmware Upgrades For Compatibility with Future DVD Authoring Technology

    Dimensions (Inches):
    Width: 16-3/4 in.
    Height: 4-1/8 in.
    Depth: 11-1/8 in.

    Mint, barely used, Pioneer Elite 47Ai dvd/dvd-a/sacd player purchased from Audio King,an authorized dealer, a few months ago.

    Seeing that i still have a long ways to go to finish my theater, I really can't afford this at the moment.

    $720 obo, would consider trade for Philips 963SA to cover some of it.
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