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Pioneer 45TX or H/K 520 (1 Viewer)

Charles M

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 7, 2001
I've a Denon AVR1700. I'm looking to upgrade. My local Fry's has the H/K on sale for $497. I also went to a local authorized dealer for the Elite. Man did the 45TX sound nice. At Fry's the 520 wasn't any slouch either. Should I save now and get the 520, or be patience and get the Elite later down the line(4 months). I was going to just wait until the H/K 7200 came out. I've seen the many post by MikeRP and a few other. They seem to have the ins and outs for the 45TX. The Elite was hooked up the some M&K speakers. What ever the debate about the Elites power is I couldn't tell, because the 45TX had those M&K's singing. No extra amps hooked up either! Fry's had the H/K hooked up to some Polk Audio's. It seems like you can keep turning the H/K up and the sound get cleaner and clearer. I'll be using the my setup for mostly HT. What do you guys think?

My setup:
Denon AVR1700(for now)
Panny RP91
Mains rt1000i
center cs400i
rears 4 fx500I(2 not used yet)
SVS 25-31PCI
Toshiba 50hx82


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Aug 8, 2002

I had the 520 in my Home for a 30 day test. Man, did I love that receiver. I really sweated taking it back. The final reason I did was 2 fold. 1. I also had a Onkyo 595 for a 90 test and the remote was much better. I really did not like the HK remote at all. and 2. I've always bought last years model and I finally wanted to get the latest. So, I ended up with the 45.

I'm sure the HK 525 will be very good. But, it has the same terrible remote. The remote on the Pioneer is just as good if not better than Onkyo's. One thing the 525 gave up was the MAIN INS and I really liked that feature on the 520.

I think the 45 will work fine for your setup but the 520 is very good. The 525 and Onkyo 800 and 900 should be considered. And also the Deonon 3802 and 3803.

I still love my 45 and I've truly found almost zero things I don't like.

Good luck!


Charles M

Stunt Coordinator
Jun 7, 2001
Thanks for the reply Mike. I leaning towards the Elite. Just because I've been trying to upgrade my receiver for the last two years. Why buy something that's been replaced by the newer model. Granted, the 520 is an awesome receiver, and I know I'll never have the latest and greatest. So why not by the latest anyway. The 45TX is newer than the 520, and has the latest. I'm also considering the Outlaw 950/7100 combo when that amp gets released. Or I'll probably combine the 45TX w/the amp. That H/K 8000 from Onecall sounds like an awesome deal.

BTW, Merry Christmas and thanks for the tips.

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