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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Brian L, Sep 25, 2003.

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    Quick question for Pioneer 45a owners:

    Does you player pass video below black when tested with the pluge patterns on either VE or DVE (note: Avia does not have below black video, so you will need VE or DVE to know).

    I was recently recalibrating with DVE, and noted that in my rig, it appears to pass below black ONLY when in interlaced mode. As soon as I hit the progressive button on the front, it looses any below black information.

    I note that the Secrets site lists the 45A as passing below black, and in interlaced mode it does. I have sent an e-mail to Don Munsil asking about that, and while they did offer to look again if the get a 45A to play with, I know that this is small beer for a player that is no longer in production.

    Just curious what other 45A owners noted.

  2. Patricio M

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    My 45a does not pass below black in progressive using DVE. I have not tried it interlaced mode, but I'll take your word for it.

    I have also noticed after calibration that my black level settings differ on progressive versus interlaced material. For example, when I calibrate using the DVE pluge patterns (in progressive) then switch back to the menu, the DVD's menu brightness setting is very high. I then put in a DVD with the THX black level pattern and the brightness was also very high. However, once I go into the actual movie and the player switches to progressive, the black level is correct. I am not sure if it's my player or the monitor (Sony XBR450)

    So I basically get two different brightness/contrast settings when using DVE vs. VE. When calibrating with VE, my progressive video is much too dark. Has anybody experienced this as well with the 45a?

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