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Pio Elite vsx 84 semi mini review/thoughts (1 Viewer)


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Jul 5, 2002
Ive had the unit a little over a week now its replacing a panasonic sa-he200
QUITE a step up in PRICE..now there was nothing at all wrong with the panasonic it just was limited in its configurations I needed an outboard component video switch and various other minor but bothersome things..soundwise the panny was fine..I was looking for convenience. and I got it with the pio one cable to the tv, one cable for hi-rez audio etc, renaming of inputs blah blah blah..hows the sound? I was not expecting any revelations and thats good because I was seriously underwhelmed at its 2 channel perfomance,its fatiguing, compressed and lacking emotion (this was a semi cursory listen before using the mcacc) dvd-a was slightly better..
Hmm not good..now before I bothered with any video I knew I needed to run the mcacc which oddly enough set my klipsch rb85 mains,rc 3 center and rb5 surrounds to large hmmm change that..it also was a foot off on the left side for distance but correct for center and surrounds kind of odd and caused me to remeasure to see if I was wrong, nope wasnt.. I was slightly worried about having hdmi issues as Ive read several stories of them nope pleased to say no issues with my sa8300>hdmi>pio84> hdmi>dvi into my mits 65313..Im also using the pio to upconvert an rp82,modded xbox,modded ps2,and an old pio dvl 700 ldplayer..I now discover that the pio does NOT like upconverting a 480p signal there is a faint line runnning horizontally up the tv which goes away if I switch incoming video to 480i..I now have everything set up and working as well as its going to..the video side is good real good I see no degradation on hd signals,upconverted dvds look better than I expected (which isnt much but). back to the sound the audio is frustrating 2 channel is just lacking and I spent several hours with various settings and the mcacc,direct,pure direct etc... for dvd-a I fired up american beauty and yeah it sounded good almost real good the sound opened up some but was just missing that something special..then I fired up blade 2 with the dts es track and man that pretty much cooked I was right there in the middle of it all ..regular tv sounded like regular tv running the gamut from tinny to decent...I still have a few weeks to decide if I will keep it problem is there is nothing else out right now with the feature set of this unit..is it worth almost 4x the price of the panasonic sa-he200 not a chance in hell..but I may keep it anyway

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